Thursday, 22 May 2014

Democracy in Action

The voting paper had two folds in it, opened out it was over a foot long, all the major parties and quite a few loony's were on offer.  "Right," said I as the young ladies at the desk proffered the paper and gave instructions on its use,"Where is the Scottish Nationalist?"  One of the girls sighed quietly.  I fear she believed me.  The choice entered with a big 'X' in the usual manner of a Hibernian footballer signing his name I vacated the premises.  Voting takes place in the Museum Hall and my Big Boss who is in charge of the operation informed me the day had been light (about ten thirty) and no-one ventured over the door until half an hour had passed.  Rather unusual for here even allowing for the increasing number of postal votes.  The EU election does not go down well.

The main parties were all represented and I did not want any off them. However a vote for UKIP, racists in suits, does influence government policy as the Conservatives are terrified they will lose out to them. Indeed the right-wing media has spent the last weeks attacking UKIP at every opportunity but offering absolutely no Tory policies!  That tells you the fear at Conservative HQ.  A while back I wrote to the local member of parliament and in the middle of the letter I mentioned " was brave of you to vote for the 'Bedroom tax' when UKIP as so strong in this area..."  he did not reply!  Personally I think we should vote for UKIP, I believe in England for the English!  The best thing for them to do would be to give £250,000 to everyone else and send them back to their own country, but wait until after September.

Is it not funny how in Afghanistan people queued for hours to vote, knowing that bombs could explode at any time, rifle fire could break out and death was minutes away yet in the UK such an important vote leaves us bored or disinterested.  People died in various parts of the British Isles over many years to get us the right to select which lying rogue will represent us, or here put their nose in the trough, yet we stay at home.   Always vote, but I would like a 'None of the above' added at the bottom.

Possibly the insistence of the Police helicopter to hover over my head when I was sleeping working had some connection to the crowds waiting patiently to vote.  It could be spite on the pilots part as I have yelled at him to sling it before now as these brutes are noisy.  It looks like he is watching us but more likely his cameras are aimed a mile or so further down the main road, away from us and towards some drug dealing types who are moving into the area. These are not welcomed here especially as a recent murder was caused by this. Rarely do the constabulary explain why they make such a fuss, not that I am nosey,  but I do ask!  
Ha! Acting suspiciously.  Here is the reason and naturally he deafens us while watching something a mile away, typical!  Nobody arrested and thousands spent.  Is it cheaper to put police on the ground I wonder?


Lady Di Tn said...

I must ask why we need to wait until September to send them back? I wonder if that would work here in the states?
For those who do not vote, I always say that they are part of the problem.
i have an idea let us change our name to None of the Above and get on the ballot and see if we can win. I do believe Kitty Justice could do a much better job than what we now have in office. Have a great weekend. Peace

Lee said...

I love having the right to vote. Proudly I go along to cast my vote on voting days. I would never not vote. Voting is compulsory here, but even if it wasn't, I would vote.

I believe if I don't vote I have no right whatsoever to pass my opinion on anything the government does.

Mo said...

And lets not forget the suffragettes that fought so hard for our right to vote. UKIP? We need more tolerance not less!

the fly in the web said...

Three men acting suspiciously...were they working.....?

Adullamite said...

Lady, I have confused you. I was being cheeky. I, a Scot, live in England's wilderness, called Essex, and Scotland votes in September for independence from England.
The vote yesterday was nationwide involving local councils in some areas and selecting candidates for the European Parliament. The parliament system and the four 'home' nations are confusing to those who think all this land is 'England.'

Lee, Voting should be compulsory, but then what about freedom!

Mo, Who? Oh them!

Fly, Laugh out loud there! :)

Lee said...

Freedom is our right; the right of every living soul; but there are some who, erroneously and wickedly. believe it is their right to not let others have what is their right...freedom.

Those so evil fear freedom of the people. The fear free thinking. They're incapable of handling it.

Jenny Woolf said...

So what about those who turned out to vote for Farage. I think it was just a protest vote but pretty depressing that our interests will be "non" represented by them for the forseeable future. When is the govt going to start listening?