Sunday, 26 January 2014

A Question....

 My best looking and most intelligent niece contacted me tonight asking:- 

'Who are you writing for when you are writing your Blog?'

It appears she is doing one of those college courses we do to keep the brain alive, or possibly make herself some money.  So I sat down and answered her as well as I could.  

"Today I try to write what I think about the world and its doings.
That is, something crosses my mind and hopefully I can get something out of it. 
I find an appropriate picture and blether away, usually from the top of my head, as most must realise. Sometimes I have something I consider important to say therefore I may make more effort to make this readable.
I have found several friends blogging worldwide this way, very different from me in many ways, but we get on well chiding one another rudely but decently.  There is an ever present temptation to write towards them rather than write for myself.  On the other hand maybe that makes me look at a wider variety of subjects?  I tell others to write for themselves, not for the reader.  If you write for the reader you do not say what you wish, you say what they wish to hear or what you wish them to hear.  Neither is truly honest.  I attempt to say what I think, which loses readers on occasion, but maybe gains them otherwise, others remain even if they disagree.  This is good.
I find sometimes I am writing just so people will read, that is I am not writing for myself when I write what I think,  I am writing to be paid some attention!  Is this good I wonder?  It can be fun, but is it truly honest?  With such friends however you get away with a lot, bad grammer for instance.... 
The blog began because I wanted my voice heard, how selfish and arrogant! Before the internet the small man might be able to vote, write a complaint or two, possibly make his voice heard by not using some facility or going on strike, but today with what is referred to as ‘social  media,’ and this can be unsocial also, the small man can be heard.  By blogging his thoughts, or lack of them, he can throw out his voice to the world, by e-mail he can remind his MP that ‘UKIP are doing well round this way’ and make him take notice, by using forums he can keep in touch with a variety of peoples, in short his voice goes further, and sometimes they listen.  Even dictatorships can be shaken this way!"

So I blethered on and wonder what she will make of this.  Indeed why do any of us blog?  Some have something to say, some blog from political or religious reasons, some for money others to keep in touch with a widespread family. Why do you blog?  Do you find it worthwhile?  You must if you keep it up. Some give up and sneak back again, what is it that drives them back? It would be interesting to know, would it not?  


Carol in Cairns said...

I know everyone says write for yourself ~ but if I didn't have a reader in mind when I sit down to write ~ I probably wouldn't blog A-man. So for me, I blog to stay n touch with people ~ none, whom I have met in real life. Much like having pen pals as kids. I personally find blogging the most rewarding social networking platform I have used (as she unfriends and blocks another family member who came to FNQ and did not visit).

Carol in Cairns said...

P.S. I should add that I disagree with your other comment that when you write for others, you are not honest. I think my blog is 100% me. But in blogging, I guess we are all inviting the world to shout ~ Fake! My self esteem is not strong enough to be called fake unless I was being genuine. Me is my only defence against the world.

Lee said...

I enjoy your blethering on. I may not always agree, but that's to be expected, I believe. Here in the "real" world we have our friends; we don't always have to agree with each other, but the times our opinions differ on a subject doesn't lessen or diminish the friendship.

I think similar applies to blogger friendships. And as in the "real" world, we each have the right to make our own choices...if one continues to disagree with the sentiments or beliefs of another...we can walk away. There's nothing stopping us.

I choose to stay as a member of your blogger mates, Adullamite, because I enjoy your reading your blog. I find it interesting; I find it enlightening, and oft times, as is your intention, I find it highly amusing. And I really enjoy your photos. Also, I freely admit that I learn a lot from reading what you write about...most of the time!!

I blog because I enjoy writing; I enjoy story-telling (the relating of true stories; not fictional or embellishment. I can't do either of the latter two.).

I blog primarily for myself...for my own enjoyment because I like writing; but, of course...naturally,I also blog with the hope others, too, enjoy my writing; my stories...what they read.

My intention is not to offend anyone else; perhaps there are times that I do offend unconsciously/unintentionally; but I guess that's a part of life, too. It does happen at times with, by and to us all.

Life is always a two-way street (or should be). It's a street with room enough for us all, if only we realised it.

I hope you had another bottle of good Aussie red at the ready while you read this, Adullamite!

I'd better send you a carton to replenish your stocks! ;)

Adullamite said...

My niece was delighted with your comments. It appears she is doing a postgrad in Music and audience responses are part of this. For some reason blogs are used and she may start her own, though she does not wish to, to experience this. Music audiences often blog their comments so she needs to know about them.

Carol, That's very interesting C. I suppose 'honest' was a bad word there. What I was getting at was saying what you mean rather than what might appeal to a reader, that's what the media do!
You certainly don't come over as 'fake!' It is all you, as it ought to be.

Lee, That's interesting, I like the way you enjoy writing and write for yourself. That's good. The red was good also!

Carol in Cairns said...

Oops, I am sorry favourite niece ~ maybe I should have toned down my comments. I hope your research goes well.

We use blogs with secondary school students also ~ as a form of reflection and accountability. I wish you many happy blogging days.

the fly in the web said...

I started blogging while living in rural France as it was easier to do one blog than multiple letters telling friends how we were finding things there.

Blogging has given me people I regard as friends, has opened my eyes - and mind - and lets me let off steam.

Adullamite said...

Carol, Nothing wrong with your comments.

Fly, Of course 'letting off steam,' is a wonderful reason! So very useful. I note a friend on Twitter doing that now re 'O2,' for some reason.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Well, I can honestly say that meeting you has helped me feel much better about myself. A good example of this is that I do not feel it beneath me to thank you for that.