Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Power Dressing

Another day amongst the past.  Rising before I awoke I combed my hair, longer than it ought to be, but I blame this on swigging from the 'Baby Bio' bottle rather than the cough mixture next to it the other day, wrapped a clean shirt around my wizened body and headed off to the museum. What a difference when the powers that be are locked in a meeting!  Instead of a panic re the things needing done there was a quick word and we three, we happy three, just got on with it. Very happy as it only took two of us this morning.    
I was intrigued however how people approach such meetings.  Apart from the office politics, the infighting over money, plans differing from one viewpoint to another especially the viewpoint of the one empowered to cut spending from those empowered to spend, another interesting fact arose.  The way women dress to face one another.  Our lass looked very good indeed, later I realised it was because she faced a powerful troublesome woman!  While a man may wear a brasher coloured tie, if anything, she must dress for the occasion!  I hope she won!    
Men are limited in their outfits.  A suit for business or council, smartish for shop or office if not suit, 'toetectors' for warehouse, and hi-vis jacket for insurance purposes for almost everything else even if not required.  A woman requires five wardrobes!  Colours must be relevant for each event, let alone the outfit itself, never can it be repeated two days in a row, and while other women will criticise not one man will notice much.  It's a funny old world saint!
We didn't get too busy today, but that will change next week with kids off school, however I get home knackered!  I must rest before the football tonight, I must be ready for the emotional stress.  


Lee said...

There is something to be said about the positives of power dressing.

I know I've worn certain outfits when I've wanted to be in control of a situation.

Red and black are a great power couple, I have discovered!

Power dressing has the power to disguise many hidden insecurities and anxieties.

Adullamite said...

Lee, I wear what I find in the charity shop. That says something....

Lee said...

At times I've bought quality clothes from the local RSPCA Op Shop up here on the hill upon which I dwell. There's been absolutely nothing wrong with them. They have some good stuff on their racks. And the funds go to saving and protecting animals...so it's a win-win situation.

Mostly these days I purchase on line...I have a good company I deal with when the need raises it's head, and I like their clothes very much. But I've enough clothes to last me until eternity...as I don't socialise in the "circles" much anymore...by my own choice. So I don't need to buy any new clothes for a while.