Wednesday, 30 October 2013

I've Nothing to Say,

So here is a picture of a cat sitting under a car.



Lee said...

That cat looks like Remy, my male cat...but it's not him because he never leaves home; and he doesn't have a passport, anyway.

the fly in the web said...

What do you mean, you have nothing to say!
There's the park, the museum, the state of your laundry....
And you give me a photograph of a cat!
You've lived south of the border too long...

soubriquet said...

How do you know?
Your cat may not have disclose his docs to you, but can you be sure he has not dreamed of travel?

Adullamite said...

Lee, That canny be Remy, that cat never goes far.

Fly, Oh you do make me laugh!

Soub, You are alive? I thought she had eaten you!