Thursday, 20 June 2013

Would Ya Believe it?

Yesterday I wandered around for a short while in the heat!  Yes I know this sounds crazy but yesterday was HOT!  I passed the Angel Inn and tried to picture the design found under the eaves.  The Magpie did what Magpies do and flew off as I stopped.  However by the time I got the picture home I notice he, or his mate, was back again.  How nice.  I am still not sure what the motif is meant to imply, sunshine possibly.  The Angel has stood here since the 1600's and I suspect the magpies relatives were found here at that time also, although not on TV aerials.
I took my book to the gardens and attempted to read it but the glare of the light of the page was too bright.  Not only but for the first time in years, or if ever, I found the sun too hot, I was indeed burning as I sat there.  After thirty or so minutes I headed home already red blotches appearing on my skinny muscle bound arms.  Goodness me, summer is here!

Today when I attempted to heat the water for a bath, it's almost the end of the month, it would not work.  I had to take the temperature gauge to the top before the gas would light.  At 8 in the morning the room was 70 %, or 20 if you are foreign!  

Today however was misty, and rain teemed down this afternoon.

On a serious note I see that Alaska was bathed in sunshine and some were grumbling about the heat.  It appears to me this is because that Jet Stream has indeed moved south and gives us rain and cold while high up the warmth appears.  The weather experts have met together and said. "We don't know nothing mate!"  Personally I would rather the jet stream moved back north and I got global warming, much better than cold.



the fly in the web said...

When I was young we were told that the new ice age was on its way...looks as though they were on the right track.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

No, I do not believe any of it. Although, your efforts to convince Lee that you can handle her kind of heat are commendable.

Lee said...

It's raining lightly here started in the early hours of the morning, but is predicted to depart again later today or tonight.

Our weather bureau is right on the mark nowadays; when once the forecasters always got loaded with lots of blame for being wrong in their predictions, these days they're spot on, time and time again.

Dave said...

I wonder if that motive is a scallop shell, the pilgrim's symbol, and the inn was a stopping place for travellers on a pilgrimage.

Adullamite said...

Fly, I heard that also. Yet recently it became global warming, instead it just brings rain! Bah!

Jerry, You would not believe anything I told you! Lee is a bright lass, I don't need to impress her.

Lee, The Atlantic makes forecasting difficult, especially with the European shelf on the other side. But if the say 'a chance of rain,' they are close.

Dave, I wonder. The thing is while that Inn is on the old pilgrimage route to Bury St Edmunds the pub is supposedly dating from the 1600's By that time Henry VIII Had ended pilgrimages. It sounds likely mind. Possibly it is older than the experts say.

Lee said...

That's interesting to know, Adullamite. I never knew that. Thanks.