Friday, 21 June 2013

The Longest Day Once More

The middle of the year comes round again and all that was missing was the sun.  The mist so deep and cloud cover all day until now meant it spoiled the day somewhat.  That will not please these Italian chaps who have been set in the town centre in what the council call a 'Solstice Special.'  Usually there are more stall like these but I suspect there are many such events this weekend.

Items like this grab my attention until I notice the price!  I know Italy is a long way but I'm not paying for your petrol mate!  Still I could eat those quite easily.  I wonder if any fall off during the night?

Kids are well catered for, although they appear in short supply at the moment.  I suspect tonight there will be more action, certainly tomorrow this man will make some money.  The one at the back ties the kids in and bounces them up to a height.  She would not let me on claiming I was to big even though I am merely 8 stone.

How I wanted that Candy Floss, sadly no-one was in the stall and my money was in the bank.  Several folks were attempting to Hook-a-Duck and at least one brat had himself a prize.

The usual things abounded here, Bouncy Castles who also banned me, Puppet Theatre, A man on stilts with a small bike, and a Town Crier who I heard but luckily avoided.  There was also a man with balloons.  He was twisting a Poodle around until it became a balloon and sold it to the children.  I hope it doesn't burst!

On my way back I was fascinated by the wee plants growing on this wall.  Sadly I could not get a proper picture of them.  Nice mind.



the fly in the web said...

I think I prefer the plants to the events...

alan1704 said...

Pretty miserable longest day here - overcast and it rained. I liked your picture of those small plants, great angle. Plants will grow anywhere!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...


Lee said...

And yesterday was our shortest day (it's Saturday afternoon here as I type).

Robert Morschel said...

I like the picture of the wee plants.

soubriquet said...

The morning started bright, sunny, a few small fair-weather cumulus clouds wandered across the sky, in order to stop the wide expanse of blue from being boring. At about mid-morning, they called up a bigger friend, who sailed gently across from west to east, sprinkling us with light rain for about twenty minutes, just enough to bring out that wonderful scent of leaves and flowers, but not really enough to get the soil wet, so I still had to turn on the watering system for the planters and hanging baskets at work.
Left it all for the chief exec to turn off and bring the hoses in. Got to remind the desk jockeys that there's a place called 'outside'!
The sunshine persisted. until eventually the sun cranked itself down below the horizon.
And this morning? There it is again. Wonderful.

I know you're deeply attached to the dismal south, the flatlands. It's not grim up north.

Adullamite said...

Fly, I laughed out loud at that!

Alan, Dreich down south these days. All seem to prefer plants to festivals!

Jerry, CANDY FLOSS! it says so on the bag!!!!

Lee, Today will be a long gray one.

Bob, Another who prefers the plants.

Soub, When I came here they said it was the driest in England and it hasn't stopped raining since!

Jenny Woolf said...

It looks lovely. And it also looks as if the sun was trying to break through - although perhaps that is just because the colours are bright.
I think the plant is called it very tiny?
Even if it is very tiny, that might not be its name, but it's the name that springs to m mind when I see it.

Adullamite said...

Jenny, No idea of plant names. It just appears to be stuff that has taken root on the wall, and it is strangely attractive.

Lee said...

How wonderful it all is! :)

Adullamite said...

Lee, The Candy Floss is certainly.