Monday, 10 June 2013

The New Old One

Around two hundred press men, I canny call them 'journalists,' from all the papers, cameramen, TV and radio folks, and a handful of other hangers on, gathered today for the first media conference of Jose Mourihno on his return to Chelsea football club.  

The media have been going nuts since it became clear Jose was returning to Chelsea.  They love him, not because of his football success, but because he flatters them.  This expert in mind games gives the hacks what they want - attention!  He is always available for them, always has a story, always a 'special' word.  Therefore they are always at his beck and call, always ready to support his every thought, always on his side.  

However football wise is he any good?  Jose has won things in England, Italy and Spain, but always leaves me thinking he would rather beat the other manager than win a football game.  His mind games during press conferences, his teams constant gamesmanship, and his friends in the media leave me feeling he cares more for the surroundings rather than the game itself.  
Now Alex Ferguson was good at these mind games but he clearly wanted to win football games.  He was a football man through and through, I remain doubtful of Jose, have I mentioned this?

Jose has money, players and talent enough to win the English Premiership.  His team contain enough experienced players to cope with any opposition in any competition.  Opposing managers will not throw them off their aim.  Can they play the game without resorting to the old tactics of pressurising referees, falling down at every tackle, or diving in the box like Colin Stein? We must wait and see.  I remain unexcited by this mans arrival, but there again I am not writing about his arrival, am I?    


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