Thursday, 9 May 2013

'The Apprentice' is a TV programme in which one rich business man works his way through a bunch of applicants looking for a job.  He is famed for his shoddy Amstrad products, his support for the Labour Party and his move, under Labour, into the House of Lords.  The screen offers us a hyped up badly presented shower of TV wannabees desperate to become famous through this programme.  I should mention I have the sound off as I have no wish to hear what is said.  Sharp suited, slick, self possessed, male wastes of space are joined by over painted hussy's on the make.  The last winner of this drivel claimed she was given a non-job by Lord Sugar, the hero of the programme, and took him to court in a bid to claim money.  She lost!  What does it say about her that the court believed him instead of her?  Television today panders to the small minded who adore such stuff.  I just want to reach for a gun.  Any NRA men out there.....?

Sir Alex Ferguson has stood down as commander of Manchester United.  The media have responded with a frenzy of excitement  details of his every victory in cup and league, his life, his temperament, his battles, his mind games and the vast number of players he has made use off.
All bar the fact he once managed in Scotland!

This I need not let you know fair scunners me! 

His record with East Stirling, St Mirren and Aberdeen were ignored.  So much so that a report claims that on Sky Sports a discussion re the man to take his place (David Moyes) included the comment, 
"Moyes does not have European experience" 
and received the answer, 
"Neither had Ferguson when he arrived." 
Aberdeen, his previous club, as you will know not only played many European matches they also under Fergie won the European Cup Winners Cup.  Not that an English broadcasting company would know this.
'Dunderheid' is the word indeed!



Lee said...

Why not reach for your remote rather than a gun, Adullamite...and change channels. No one forces you to watch shows that you don't like and enjoy. That seems a far more simple remedy to the situation than the drastic measure mentioned!

I don't class myself as small-minded by any shape or means - quite the opposite, actually, but we have "Celebrity Apprentice" (a spin-off of "The Apprentice) on here at the moment, and I enjoy watching's a bit of lighthearted, chill-out-time fun; and the participants raise lots of money for charities. The shows continues to do well since it premiered in 2011.

It's hosted by one, Mark Bouris, who is a well-respected businessman. Bouris is involved in finance planning, advice, loans, finance management. He came from very humble beginnings and has succeeded in business.

For instance, one finance company he founded in 1996 he sold 8 years later for $500million!

I admire him; and I don't stand alone.

Plus he's not hard on the eye, either...making the show not difficult to watch!!! ;)

alan1704 said...

Sad day for us Everton Supporters as Moyes goes to the Glamour club. Still he might be back quicker than expected !!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Oh, I can remember working with a few painted hussies on the make... Sigh.

Relax Max said...

Lee still doesn't quite understand the multifaceted persona of gloom and doom which constitutes the amazing Adullamite. If there is a sad loser of a football team, Adullamite MUST follow that team with great loyalty. If there is a painted hussy unfairly fired by an evil businessman-cum-TV host, Aduulamite is COMPELLED to watch that show without fail. The final ingredient is the ability to grouse about these things in all instances; the only bright spot in the entire cave. Adullamite is Scotland's Charlie Brown. Why else would we follow this blog? - for the pics of old steam engines and park benches? I love it. :)

Adullamite said...

Lee, Your apprentice is better than ours.

Alan, I think this will work myself.

Jerry, Hmmm.......

Adullamite said...

Max, You wish steam engines and park benches?
Happy to oblige!

Lee said...

Oh! I do, Relax Max...under that transparent facade that Adullamite dons, I know there is a smiling, shining, generous heart of gold.

'Tis the reason why I follow his blog! :)

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Whoa, my dear Lee, do I ever have a great bridge to sell you.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...
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