Thursday, 30 May 2013

Tabloid Lies and Distortion

Is there anything more vile than a tabloid paper?  Is there anything more amoral, self seeking, and careless of the harm caused by their sensational exposures and claims than a tabloid paper?   Daily we are faced with several willing to sell their grannies if it made money.  Harassment of the rich and the poor, slanting any story to appeal to a reader whether the story is true or not, voyeurism, lies and half truths and pressuring any who oppose them.  Rupert Murdoch's 'Sun,' outsells them all, yet in my view the worst, because it is most seditious can only be the 'Daily Mail!  
The 'Mail,' in print and online, purports to speak for 'Middle England,' slanting the stories to suit their taste.  The main concerns of such are money, taxes, immigrants and money!  Appealing to women it fills reams with tales of suffering women, almost always based on slanted surveys, and tales of men gaining while women are pushed aside, also almost all false.  Facts do not sit well with the 'Mail' reader.  Half truths sell.

Today the 'Online Mail' outdid itself.  The story concerned a mosque in Spitalfields and two nearby Anglican churches.  While only handful attended the churches the mosque, being small, had hundreds of Muslims bowing in prayer outside.  Half truths in the article spoke of dwindling church attendance while the numbers of Muslims continued to grow.  4.8% of the people are Muslim screamed the article, less than 59.3 claim to be 'Christian!  Muslims, the story is telling us, are taking over!  Hold on I ask, if the population is around 66 million or so how many are 59.3%?  Also while many Anglican churches are indeed failing dozens of others are doing well.  Non Anglican churches are bursting at the seems in some places and dwarf the number of Muslims in their towns and cities. 
Once again a slanted story aimed at those afraid of immigration and a Muslim take over.  The 'Mail' is well aware that many readers vote for UKIP, and a large number belong to the BNP.  That is reflected in the comments on the daily 'Hitler' stories much loved by this rag.  The far right are as dangerous as any other extremist.  The only word missing here was 'evil,' a word usually inserted into every story whether suitable or not.  
Of course Muslims attend the mosque, they have to!  Christians, and most in the established churches are NOT Christians, attend willingly, usually in churches in which they feel they belong.  No compulsion is required.  
The fanciful idea of the 'Mail' discussing Christian faith makes me laugh.  This immoral rag here attempted to feed the fear of Islam and stir race hatred against the immigrant, especially a black Muslim one!  What a disgraceful attitude.
The good thing is that it did not succeed.
With every comment in the online paper a choice can be made between red and green arrows to express the readers opinion.  Red for against, green representing support and agreement.  At the present moment in time the 'most popular' comment ask why the 'Mail' is trying to stir up race hatred, he has 9613 green arrows!  I have never seen so many!  The second in line questions the whole set up of the story, he has 7968 in agreement! 
Even the 'Daily Mail' reader has not fallen for this racially motivated lie!
The author claims to be concerned to ensure 'Historical accuracy' and like so many 'Mail' employees he is fascinated by the Nazi's.

Now let me make it clear that I see Islam as a 'pushy' religion.  Wherever it is to be found it will push and push until it gets its own way.  Experience shows this in all nations, the only answer is to draw a line and hold it there.  The majority of Muslims will always be of benefit to this nation.  It is certainly true that young men find a question in their minds as to whether they are 'British' or 'Muslim.'  Such are open to extremist preachers, and it appears around 2000 may well be under their influence today.  The obvious approach is to remove such men, even though the internet makes it hard to end their influence.  That must come from other Muslims.
Christians need not worry about the rise of Islam, at this
The 'Daily Mail' should be closed down, let moment in time the 'Liberal' nature of society is much worse.  This permeates the churches to such an extent that the ludicrous decisions of the Anglican Church, as well as the Kirk, have found themselves falling into.  By forgetting their Lord they have followed the fashion of the day, and that brings disaster.    
 Lord Leveson investigate this publication today.



Unknown said...

Alas, it is getting harder and harder for me to find satisfaction with news reporting in general because of all of the over-hyping and slanted perspectives. Take the massive tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma recently. For reporter after reporter (both on-air and in print) keep emphasizing that the tornado was as big as they get, which is essentially true in respect to it being an EF-5, which begins with wind speeds of 200 MPH and is as high as the ratings go. However, the monster that struck Moore 19 years ago had wind speeds of almost 100 MPH higher, at over 300 MPH, which are reportedly the highest ever recorded! Come on now, should not the facts of a great tragedy be enough without trying to make it be even more?

Adullamite said...

Indeed! Exaggerate and add emphasis sells better than facts.

Jenny Woolf said...

I bought the Mail the other day because someone told me about an article in it that I really wanted to read. It was all about this author whose book which covers the problems of immigrantation had been banned at the Hay Festival, and the reporting of it seemed very biased to me. I haven't read the book itself so I don't know what the true situation was, but all I can say is that I was not convinced by their argument.

Adullamite said...

Jenny, I did read something about that. I think he said what they liberal element did not wish to hear possibly.