Friday, 5 October 2012

Bloody Annoyed!

The mobile phone I never use is dead.
I decide to order a new cheap one.  It is useful to have such for emergencies.  
I go back to Virgin Mobile for a cheap one.  I buy it online.
This means cost increased by rip of delivery charge of almost £8. However it will be delivered between 7 - 9 am next morning.

Next morning, I wait.
I wait, I wait, I jump up frequently as the bloke working next door keeps returning to his van for items and giving the impression he is a delivery van.  If he wasn't so big I would tell him what I think.
I wait and wait.  I wait.
After a while I check the delivery notice e-mails again. This time noting a 'track goods' link.  This I check.  It transpires the delivery is not coming via one of the many courier companies with depots in the local area and drivers who known their way around.  Oh no, Virgin send goods via a company based in Cambridge, 50 miles away!!!  Not only the distance, this is YODEL, a badly named company with an atrocious record regarding delivery.  Deliver before 9?  According to the read out he only picked the thing up at 7:44.  

Encouraged by an unsmiling UPS man delivering next door just after 3 pm I held off phoning in.  I had checked the tracking site and noticed a change.  The parcel was now 'with the courier for delivery.'  "He's off home," thought I.  He is now heading for Cambridge and a Friday night pub brawl.  My mood darkened, although outsiders may not have noticed this as I had already began to spit blood.  

After 4 I called in.
"Choose 1 for....." began. 
"Choose ... enter... " wait.
It takes me back to where I was and "Choose 1...."

Having slammed the phone down I thought I would call Virgin themselves.
I slammed the phone down.

I waited and tried again when in a better mood.
"Choose...." I chose, I waited, I chose, I waited, I endured bloody awful music, I waited, I waited, I slammed the phone down.
I tried Virgin again.......SLAM!!!!

I emailed.
I made a point or two, I made a demand or two, I asked a question or two.
It was late, I got no reply, I expect no parcel tomorrow, I expect a call with words possibly tomorrow, although being Saturday they may not be available, and I expect them to be told where to shove it and give back the cash!  

I fail to understand what is wrong with me these days.  I get so annoyed so easily.  Life improves on one hand and things fall apart on the other.  I am just glad I don't live in a gun toting society.
I may have used one today.

p.s. Just after 10 pm I again look at the tracking to discover the driver 'could not locate.'  He could not locate a road paved by the Romans and in constant use ever since?  Lazy good for nothing!

Right that's that.  let's see something funny for Friday.



A. said...

Yodel hasn't been renamed from Hermes, has it? I thought they were the worst ever. At one point every single order I tried to place ended up coming via Hermes. The parcels would be left out in the rain without knocking on the door, or going through the same tracking and back-tracking manoeuvres as yours. The final straw was when he marked the goods as "refused". Complain, complain, and complain again.

PS. I think I know Pam Eyres' husband...

Kay G. said...

Do you know what the grapes said when they got stomped on?
Nothing, they just let out a little wine. (whine)

It's better if you just say it, it loses it when you have to type it.

Adullamite said...

A, I think Hermes is still separate, they do appear to be big in Kent. I've left it now to see what happens.

Kay, I disagree. It;s still here.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Be assured that I am all too painfully familiar with your level of frustration. For there is no good reason for why it has to be like that except for the fact that our Heavenly Father hates our guts. (That was meant as a joke. It really was, and it will crack me up as soon as the hurting eases up a little.)

Relax Max said...

It sounds like it is time to nationalize the courier service. Maybe make deliveries a subfunction of the NHS, wot?

For only a few pence per head more...