Friday, 13 July 2012

Two Things

Actually three.
This evening the internet shuddered and the radio programme I was listening to stopped.  Soon it returned but it appeared I had been momentarily cut off, although the correct lights were flashing to indicate it still worked. Hmmm.
Later I noticed I had to sign in again to Blogger and Yahoo but all else was OK.  Blogger will not allow me to post pictures tonight, although it would allow me to post a video!  For spite I refused to post it!
Hmmm strange indeed.

The two points however were totally removed from this.
First John terry.
This man is not a well liked footballer.  
He has many enemies in the game and more in the tabloid press.  The press hate anyone who stands up to them and when he obtained a court order keeping his misdemeanours a secret they were very upset!  His family are to say the least a bit rough.  He has also behaved on the rough side on several occasions and obtained a reputation.  Recently a spat between him and a black player (we are no longer allowed to say 'coloured' say the language Nazi's) during a football match ended up with him in court on a 'racist' charge.  Today he was found 'Not Guilty.'
Now few know what actually happened, most have made their ignorance known anyway.  The court result says something at least and ought to bring the matter to an end.
But what was the real cause?  Racism?  Really?
I am unconvinced racism was at fault.  I suggest Mr Terry, once England captain and regular team member, has many enemies within the England camp and football in general.  His opponent in court has a brother who plays alongside Terry for England and I suspect does not like him.  he may well have good reason for this.  It seems to me this case was overblown and exaggerated merely to have a go at the man himself.  It failed.
Abuse flows through football.  Some players will do and say the most awful things to upset an opponent, racism does appear, rarely in the UK  these days, but on occasion. (It certainly comes in the other direction but we cannot go into that here)  I suggest that here we had a spat during a game when words were passed by both needlessly and political correctness and spite took over.  Sadly the police these days fail to judge such things properly.  Where once a caution and words of warning were offered we now have court cases.  A man yelled abuse at a station ticket collector and called him a Welsh something or other and ended up charged with racism.  A needless court case followed while a caution would have sufficed. I say the Terry case was similar!  However the police were too afraid not to charge him, the media demanded this, many fans demanded this also, and the only way out was for the jury to decide.  usually when players behave like this wise words behind the scenes take care of things.  Nobody appears to have tried!  Maybe too many wished harm to this man.  Some would say who can blame them?

Point two features another unsavoury group of men.  Those who run Scottish football. These short sighted biased people have done their utmost to ensure Rangers (under the new name Servo) play in the Scottish premier League in spite of their many crimes against that league, the tax man and society in general.  The other clubs of the SPL were forced by their fans to oppose this and today the lower league body, The Scottish Football league, resisted immense pressure from outside to place Servo in Division 1.  Division 3 was the choice, by 25 -5 votes!  Pressure from the Scottish Football Association, others behind the scene and the Rangers media (all Glasgow based media is totally behind Rangers as they support the club and make their money there) were ignored by the courage of the chairmen of these lower division clubs.  

Does this mean we can get on with the game now?  
No!  There will follow more dirty deeds, especially at the next SPL meeting on Monday, possibly to attempt an SPL2 as has been suggested already.  Maybe another devious attempt will spring up.  Whatever, the sooner those behind such deals are removed from the game the better.  The leaders of these organisations have shown themselves to consider Rangers, under any name, more important than anyone else.  Shortsightedness, failed planning, bad negotiations have led to this awful time.  Heads may have to roll, new ideas need implanting, but a breath of fresh air may well be approaching Scottish football when Servo take the field in Division 3.  I hope they remain there!  


Relax Max said...

**He looks carefully behind the door, just to make sure there is no one in the room who cares about this foreign "football" dreck**

Seeing no one, he proceeds cautiously:

Here is a tip on how you could have made this post more interesting; just a suggestion:


Kobe Bryant: "We are HOT! We could have taken a game from the Dream Team. We are that good!"

Michael Jordan, interviewed at a golf tournament: "Yeah, I heard that he said that. I just burst out laughing and fell to the ground. What a poor memory!"

Kobe Bryant, later: "I never said we could have beaten the Dream Team in a 7 game series. I said we could have taken a game. One of seven. Listen up. But we are still the best team in the Olympics."

I'm sure the Domincan Republic thinks you are. Let's see if Russia is afraid of you.

Dominican coach John Calipari (the turncoat who coaches national champion Univ of Kentucky for his pay): "They are big. Really big. They don't look that big on TV but they are."


Max: "Why would you play the Dominican Republic for a tuneup? Do you expect to meet up with them in London? What?"

Now, about this John Kerry "footballer" of yours. I was aware that George Bush kicked his butt when he ran for president a few years back. But I thought he was still living off his wife's money. Now you tell us he plays "football" for England and has developed a potty mouth? Isn't he a bit old to be playing football? Even YOUR football? I will put your rambling on about the "Scottish Football League" down as just more sour grapes.

Adullamite said...

Max, Wot? 113-59? Dominican Republic? Oh I see, Basketball. If I had realised it was a children's game, also used in mental homes to nurse those suffering brain damage into complete breakdown.
Proper grown up nations don't play such games.

As for John Kerry, who's he....?

PointyHeeler said...

He meant Katy Perry. It's his typing.

soubriquet said...

As for 'Rangers', well, the old, and famous club that was known as 'Glasgow Rangers' ceased to exist. It ceased to exist completely, to the point where all its creditors, including the taxman, had to agree "there is no Glesga Rangers that owes us money".
Gone away, deceased, not known at this address. Then a bunch of people turn up at Scottish Fitba' Heidquarters', saying. "We're Glesga Rangers, and we demand to be let back in at the top!". Whilst simultaneously saying to all the people glasgow rangers owed money, "we're not Glasgow Rangers, we don't owe you anything, we have nothing to do with them, they've gone, dead, forgotten, okay Jimmy? Ye might just want to stop asking us about them, and the money, or you might just have a little accident, see?"

Strangely schizoid, isn't it. On the financial side, oh no, they're not related.... But on all other sides, they expect to wear the shirt, get the cheers, as if they were an old established side, and not a shiny new company whose offices smell of fresh paint.

Adullamite said...

Pointy, I think it's more than his typing myself!

Soub, Sadly the shenanigans behind the scene has gone on since time immemorial. It continues yet! The situation is not yet finished and the wolves are at the door.

Mike Smith said...

At least Rangers now have their wish to play in England granted. I'm sure their games at Berwick will be sell-outs...

Adullamite said...

Mike, The loyalists will be there - the gloryhunters won't!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

You are not the only one doing a little head scratching. For just a little while ago, my Google Bookmarks main page showed up in Spanish, and after a few minutes of "Oh Lord, PLEASE?" while trying to see if there was an option that had been switched somehow, it switched back to English. Yeah, I suppose my horizons could stand for some international broadening, but I would like to better understand in what direction that might be.

By the way, thank you so very much for removing the CAPCHA requirement for leaving comments here. For this was bad enough when I could still see fairly well, but it is a nightmare now, which I plan on addressing in an article next week.

Adullamite said...

Jerry, I think I have downloaded something that blocks this browser. Others work OK. It's just the pain working it out.
The verification thing is a pest but without it I get Anon writing daily! Still I hate verification also, but it is required.