Saturday, 16 June 2012


I'm in a quandary here, according to that excellent man Max this blog needs to be entertaining, something people enjoy, something they like, otherwise I will not get rich from the Google ads posted here.  People, especially those spending money, will only come here if the want to, and if they like what they find.  This indeed leaves a quandary!  Surely no-one comes here because they 'like' it?  I thought I was part of some Blogger punishment routine!  What do people wish to read?  What do they like?  What would they enjoy?  I ask these questions regarding this site, not what they really like, enjoy or read in private at home!  I am not publishing the stuff my readers read at home thank you!  There again why should I publish what they want?  I do not read their blogs because they write what I like, I read them because I like what I they write, and have come to like the person behind what I read.  They write for themselves not me, and this works fine.  I suppose that is where the great enjoyment arises.  

If therefore I were to make attempt to make money I must act like a daily tabloid and write what readers want, even if this is half truths and downright lies, features half naked celebrities bonking other celebs, and scandalous tales of rape, murder, conniving politicians and such like.  I am not sure that would be an audience I wish to gather.  I am convinced that may well sell adverts but not to me.  I would rather read the ads than such bile.  For me, I prefer the thinking, erudite, normal folk who pass by here, and I am not sure they wish to read tabloid gossip, well not here anyway.  So, the result of this quick cogitation leaves me spouting bile, writing off the top off my head, misspelling words (UK style), mistyping rambling thoughts and ideas, and being corrected by my superiours day by day?  Yeah, that seems fine to me.  So, no more  enjoyment, just more of the same!  Good eh?  What........oh!

There again I am surprised to a great extent that I managed to survive this long, what with those early days of malnutrition and post war austerity.  Mince and tatties was all we could afford, and then only if dad grew the potatoes in that plot just outside our cardboard box.  Quite where Mum obtained the mince was never clear but Dad never liked that butcher fellow.  Of course we were lucky!  Some folks had it tough, like the people up the road living in that hole in the road.  Real bad when the rains came I can tell you, and in Edinburgh rain came two days out of three in them long gone days.  It hardly rains at all there now in comparison.  I suppose they and we were lucky, having running water I mean, in the south east of Englandshire that dried up come April and hosepipes for the rich were outlawed.  We never knew what a hosepipe was until 1970.  How we longed for the fish van coming up once a week from Port Seton.  Sixpence worth of scrag ends 'for the cat' Mum would say, and we would feast that night!  Later we actually got ourselves a cat, but that was in the days of 'never having it so good!'  It was delicious!

However my luck has changed.  From today I will be rich and all thanks to NOC!  Yes indeedy the National Oil Company of Libya has sent me an email detailing my winnings (in a lottery In which I do not have to buy a ticket) of $540,000 US dollars in the fight against HIV/Aids.  I am of course sharing a much bigger pot with seven others in the 3rd level of this draw.  This however is brilliant, this will be worth about £350,000 I guess in real money and that might just clear all my debts.  Woohooo!  How lucky am I to receive this, not only unexpected, but unasked for fortune!  I am so happy.  I guess this is all down to removing that Ghaddafi fellow and sharing his oil through a South African (they say) company.  All I have to do is send my details to Mr Angelo Christians their rep in J'Burg and I will be rich!  Ha!  I bet Prince Bauberg in Nigeria, and Akhmed Abedaye in Nairobi are  jealous they did not win, although they have around $25 million dollars (US) they wish to remove from Africa for safe keeping.  I don't need to help them now, I will just live of my (unasked for) lottery winnings.  No more cave in the wilderness, no more cardboard boxes, from now on I will tour the US spending my (US) dollars and flouting their customs patrols searching for Soub and RDG.  Well I will wait until after the Euro 2012 has finished first.



Jenny Woolf said...

I abandon any blogs that start passing on celebrity gossip. But actually, THAT wasnt why I decided to abandon your blog. After reading on, I was shocked by your admission that you thought your cat in Edinburgh was delicious. Poor creature! Poverty is no excuse for cruelty to animals, especially pets that have grown to trust you.

But having read on just a little further than your terrible admission about the cat, I decided I would not abandon your blog after all. On principle, I do not miss the chance to suck up to someone rich (or about to be rich). So please, do continue with your fascinating blog, and you will have one very eager continuing reader in me. Thank you, your honour! And I'll be pleased to drink your noble health!

Mike Smith said...

I read your blog because I like it...(can you make the cheque payable to M.Smith?)

red dirt girl said...

You don't need to change a thing to please me ~ I'm easy. And I have a soft spot in my heart for one curmudgeonly Scotsman who loves football almost better than anything.

And of course, now that you've won the big stakes, I'm a friend for life! You are always welcome wherever you may find this red dirt girl.

((hugs)) and xxx

Adullamite said...

Jenny, Oh you do make me laugh out loud!

Mike, One is now in the post, and if you cash it can I have half of the takings?

RDG, Who's this Scot you fancy? Grrrr! Hmmm both Jenny and RDG mention money, coincidence?

Robert Morschel said...

I like your blog, even if you do go on a bit.

But I think the occasional picture of nude celebrities bonking corrupt politicians would ad some spice.

History and rantings about football teams nobody cares about has only so much appeal.


Adullamite said...

Rob, Philistine!

red dirt girl said...

Nude photos of celebrities on Adullamite's blog ???? HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.........