Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow is Horrid!

It all went very quiet for a Saturday night last evening.  Around ten I got off my butt and looked out of the side window to find the threatened snow had ceased threatening!  It was falling all night, small flakes drizzling down but to thin to be caught in the picture. 

I crossed the park trudging through almost six inches of snow (although the weather folk always talk in centimeters now for some reason!).  Not much if you are in Canada but a lot for this neck of the woods. Naturally the world has ceased to operate so it is kind of lucky this is a Sunday.  If this is not cleared by Monday there will be massive disruption, the media full of dire warnings, late buses, trains, and hospitals full of people falling over.  Which reminds me I am on the train at ten tomorrow, or maybe not as the case may be.  Two dogs were in the park this morning and in spite of the snow one insisted on chasing a stick which it could not find in the depth of the snow!

The bustling town centre early in the morning.  It is probably not much better at bustling tonight.  

The entire atmosphere changes in these conditions, for a start it was warmer than the past two days when there was no snow, and all sound is softened by the snow, all except the cries of the fallen of course. 

By the morning it is possible that all this will be nothing but mush of course.
The News Biscuit sums it up very well



A. @ A Changing Life said...

Pretty town centre. The letter box looks like a Russian general.

Jenny Woolf said...

Had to laugh at that bustling town centre. Looks like the pillar box is wearing a hat. For some reason I imagine it hopping off to liven off the town centre. I must be going mad :D

Adullamite said...

A, Yes I was impressed with him.

Jenny, Working too hard Jenny? You need a holiday, abroad!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Have you been wearing your flashing red light beanie, just in case you get stuck in a snowdrift? I suppose that would have to be someone out there who would miss you. Law of averages and all.

Adullamite said...

Jerry, I have looked it out but I suspect winter is now over.