Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Chilly Dusk

A chilly dusk before four in the afternoon today.  How I long to be somewhere warm!  I was not made for this weather. The sun falling down on the job is the highlight of the day so far. Nothing else has happened. The news is full of grief and squabbling, and not the entertaining type.  No it is sadly just politicians, murders, crooks, attention seekers and nothing interesting whatsoever.  It is at times like these we need a good war to make the news interesting. There again the Scottish system of dealing with neds who attempt to avoid paying fares on the train is one that could be useful worldwide don't you think?

Now that was interesting!
Oh Look, a follow up here.

Daily Mail



red dirt girl said...

Brrrrry cold, your picture. Even my toes feel cold! Normally I don't watch Youtube videos on posts - just a quirk of mine. But I watched this one, and though I hate angry confrontation, I was cheering the Big Man and the ticket man when it was all said and done. The newspaper article - what a bunch of hoopla. OF course someone is going to sue - it's the Age of Self-Entitlement!


Relax Max said...

Your picture does look cold. And I can't believe how dark it is there so early in the afternoon.

I had to use the translator for the conductor conversation. Here there would probably have been guns involved and big man would have been dead man. A sorry state of affairs. The cure, of course, is to let all lawabiding citizens carry guns, and not just punks and criminals/

On airplanes, though, passengers beat up troublemakers nowadays.

FishHawk said...

He should've tried to explain to him what dire straits he has been placed in. I know that it hasn't worked well for you, but you don't do a lot to garner much sympathy.

soubriquet said...

Having watched this and read about it in the press, I kind of agree with Max, that it's a potentially dangerous situation to even challenge a wrongdoer these days. I've seen the pictures, of the kid's raw face, from him impacting the platform, I've heard his later attempt to explain and justify, saying that he'd been given two outbound tickets instead of a return.
However, instead of explaining the exact circumstance, he was rude and belligerent, swearing at the conductor, and declaring himself quite prepared to inconvenience everybody on the train.
So I applauded 'Big Man'.

I suspect that if he'd been polite, told his story, proffered i.d., and offered to pay an excess fare charge, and argue for a refund with the ticket office, the story would have been very different.
Instead, he behaved like an arrogant little sh*t and got served his just desserts. His pain was a direct consequence of his own actions.

Mike Smith said...

The father of the laddie thrown off the train is now claiming 'the big man' threw his son on to the platform causing a bad injury...

Relax Max said...

Finally a correct usage of the word "impact". Way to go Soub.

Adullamite said...

RDG, Indeed sue may end up being the word.

Max, A gun used on neds cannot be wrong.

Fish, I am always nice....

Soub, I am left wondering if he had been given two 'OUT' tickets rather than just buying a single and chancing his luck.

Mike, I note the police will talk to then 'big man.' Knowing our laws he may well be charged!