Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Photo Blogs

Seeing as how you lot have ignored my Photo Blog for reasons of your own, I am here going to use others Photo Blogs to remind you of my talent their talent and allow you to take your minds far away from the stresses and strains of life! The obvious place to start is with the admirable 'A,' a pretty young lass (she says) with an enormous bank balance talent who makes me jealous every time I look at her pictures. 
She has her own excellent blog at 'A Changing Life' where she offers such 'snaps' as this:-  

Now of course she has added (and not before time) a Photo Blog, found here:- 'Photos From the Indre.'
This is done to reveal her talent and boast about her travels to places far and wide. Myself I managed to travel to the small industrial estate in the rain today, but I am not one to complain, even when it rained on the way back, thanks very much. This is an example of her 'Must see' work.:-

However enough of that woman, there is a man in far off Thailand who has nothing to do but be waited on hand and foot by pretty Thai women, drink cheap booze, and wander the country photographing railways and birds, the other kind of birds I mean. His fine Photo Blog is found here:- 
'My Thai Photo Blog'.

You will notice he has added his name at the bottom. I expect a bill for breaking copyright now! Sorry, I am out at the moment...

If you, like me, are attracted to bright flowers then there is a blog full of such photos in darkest Darlington, at least it was always dark when the train passed through when I was there. Susan has some wonderful shots, of which I am insanely jealous, of the plants growing around her. Fabulous pictures as I know you are bound to agree:- 'Susan's Garden'

Isn't that great?

I came across 'Edinburgh Day By Day' recently and as I like the idea of day by day pictures of places I have kept the link. This appears to be an outsiders view of Edinburgh, always an interesting viewpoint. When you are brought up there you do not see the city as an outsider does. In fact when I first began to return to Edinburgh I could not find anything to photograph! It was after some years away I noticed things around me I had taken for granted before! And of course there is nothing like watching the sunshine outside the window and logging in to watch Edinburgh under that large gray cloud is there! 

If you prefer sunshine a daily photo of Jerusalem shows everyday life in the warmth! The kind of life ignored by the media as just to 'common' for their readers:-' Jerusalem Hills Daily Photo.'  These shots remind me of the time I went there, just before the first Iraq War. Everyday shots including lots of sun and interesting historical buildings. 

The Englishmen among you, and I know you are out there, will be interested in 'Unmitigated England,' a jolly nice wee blog that shows pictures of, well... England of course! Well worth a look! Try the quiz you English folks, I canny do it!

Well what do you expect to find in England?

I love Photo Blogs as they show so much of the world I never see otherwise. Oh by the way, mine is there at 'The Adullamite Photo Blog' just in case you are interested in my snaps!



Dina said...

Shalom Adullamite. Nice to meet you and your blogs.
Glad you liked my photo of east Jerusalem.
So you visited the country in the early 90s? Hope you went home before the Iraqi Scud missiles started incoming.

A. @ A Changing Life said...

"Oh my goodness", I thought to myself, "there's a little red boat just like the one down the road." Then I read a bit further. You are very kind.

I haven't been neglecting you in particular, I've been neglecting pretty well everyone. And I can't even think of an excuse. Time for a new leaf.

Mike said...

Graham, guilty as charged. In mitigation I would offer that Adullamite is such a gripping read that I have little time left to visit your superb photo blog.

I would also add that I don't read Scottish or whatever that language from up North is :-)

Consider it rectified. Your aptly named photoblog is now on view for all my readers to visit(link on MTFB).

Susan said...

Thanks for telling everyone about my garden blog.
I've added your photoblog to my Bloglines list on my One Step Up blog.

Martyn said...

Graham you've posted some great photos, notice I didn't mention the word stolen. I love the photo of Jerusalem and Mike's picture of the bird is, well, awesome (is awesome a photographic word)....best of luck with your own photo blog. Keep clicking.

Adullamite said...

Dina, how nice to hear from you.

A, I would say you have every right to neglect folks. We ought to be paying more attention to you! :)

Mike, 'gripping read,' I fear you have a touch of the sun.

Susan, a pleasure as your pics are very good.

Martyn, 'Stolen?' I don't know what you mean......