Friday, 30 April 2010


A quick glance at the sky this morning shows clearly that volcanic ash no longer hinders air flights! Last week this sky was a deep, clear blue, with an occasional cloud scudding by. Today planes landing at Stansted or passing high overhead on their way from Europe and beyond across the Atlantic to Canada and the States leave vapour trails for all to see. No global warming some say, and if there is it is natural, well I beg to differ! There is indeed evidence of melting ice caps, I first read about this in 1968, and if aircraft and man's industry has no responsibility then I will go listen to a woman talking about her baby!  Interesting patterns mind!


So for a few days I have been getting out on the bike in an effort both to get fit and to lose weight. However I also managed also to pick up one of those bugs that never leave me so on Wednesday I ate very little indeed. Yesterday I ate a little more normally but still much less than the usual. This morning I joyfully stood on the scales, hoping the 15 and a half stone had been reduced by at least ten pounds! To my horror I was almost back at 16 stone again!!!!!!! How come? I have decided to fast for three weeks living only only water and cheap wine. If this doesn't work I will just become a fat pig!

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