Wednesday, 14 April 2010


The one thing about Spring evenings, in spite of the chill that has been ruining the sunshine, is the evening sky! There are few things better than observing the sun heading down over the horizon. This can be somewhat ruined of course if you watch the sunset over water. As the great orangey red ball comes in line with the sea there is always someone nearby who will quietly mutter, "Pshhhhhhhh!" On occasion as the sun sets behind the hills I have heard the observation, "There must be hundreds of them behind that hill, one goes down there every night!" Either dumping such folk in the sea, or hitting them with a loose rock is often helpful.The evening sky is something I always observed when living in Edinburgh. The skies there, especially in the Autumn being often deep blue streaked with black but never really night, if you see what I mean. Down here in the English wilderness the skies are less glamorous, but maybe this is just bias. All those years ago when I came out here we drove along to Dovercourt next to Harwich on the East coast. It was easy to see where John Constable got his fascination with clouds from.  In London, where I was living at the time, the only way to see sky was to look out of your window, with the neck craned upwards! You could try this standing on the pavement but either you were knocked down or a crowd would gather staring into space with you. This could be frightening as they may have mistaken you for some sort of guru or other. The sky has now turned a dark blue tinged with thickening cloud. This can only mean tomorrow will begin cloudy and dreich, cold winds will gather and the whole atmosphere will resemble Dunfermline in Summertime. I will look forward to that!    


Mike Smith said...

Even the sky in Edinburgh is better than anywhere else!

A. @ A Changing Life said...

I didn't even see the sunset today. We've had cloudy and dreich all day. And cold winds all week. All year, I think.

Adullamite said...

The sun shines this morning, a shock to many!