Friday, 4 January 2008


HELP!!!! I need help! I have allowed something to slip my mind. You see I was hurrying to enrich my life with a nourishing sausage dinner. I fixed the pasta that was being used as a base, and added tomatoes and a large broccoli. Marvellous and almost healthy!

It was delicious! Of course the special sauce did improve it, as it always does, and I sat back with the small portion of Christmas pudding content and happy. What more could one ask?

So, I went cheerfully to do the washing up, even though it truly is woman's work! This was accomplished efficiently amid a flurry of soap suds, all except the tray used for the sausages! I looked everywhere but could not find it. This was a mystery I could not answer. I remembered taking the sausages out the oven, deciding the were not quite ready so chopped them up to speed the process and returned them to the oven for a few final minutes.

Oh dear! I had a sudden thought. I remembered switching off the oven and ....oh dear! Yes indeed there in the oven were the blackened remnants of my beef sausages! Now usable in some form of engineering or possibly as Royal Artillery shrapnel! As sustenance they failed badly.

I blame unemployment. If I had work that stimulated the mind instead of the dullness that has set in during the past few years I am sure this sort of thing would not occur! The work I have done has often been repetitive, even when enjoyable, but the brain needs stimulation. So far the greatest incentive comes from perusing other folks blogs. Surely that cannot be good enough!


Mulled Vine said...

Beef sausages? That's a bit unusual for a Brit isn't it? I thought it was all pork sausages. We South Africans love beef sausages, so much so that there are companies that make a business out of importing them!? Its called boerewors ("farmsausage").

As for stimulating your mind, you want to be writing a book.

Anonymous said...

I'll concur with Robert -- you should take to writing a book. You write well, Graham. There's not a post of yours I don't enjoy!

I only have one complaint. You made me hungry! ;)

Shalom Aleichem.

Slutty McWhore said...

Clearly God wants you to be vegan! (or, at the very least, vegetarian!).

1st Lady said...

Woman's work? Humbug. I hope you had to scrape the burnt sausage off the tray for at least 15 minutes for saying that... ;)