Friday, 1 December 2006


What is it with television and eyes these days?
Every programme, each and every football match, every other advert shows us a needless, and cringe making, close up of someones eyes, or eye, as it usually is. Why? Are we supposed to see deep into their soul? is this yet another trendy shot the director or cameraman has read about in an art magazine? What does it tell us about Alex Ferguson that we do not already know when we see a close up of his eyes? One shot concentrated on just one eye, what do we learn? Nothing!
It's a football match and he is a loud aggressive manager. his eyes tell us only that those covering the game have absolutely no idea what they are doing. Instead of watching the football they are playing at art photographers. And that is of course something we all know makes no sense whatsoever!
It is perfectly possible to gain an understanding of an individual by looking at a normal head and shoulders portrait of them. Not only possible, but better! Since the dawn of TV the full face shown on screen has produced countless complaints. Why then do TV folk feel the desperate need to continue with it?
Show us the people, let them keep their eyes, and their dignity!

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