Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Anti Christian Indoctrination

The rise in the attacks on Christianity is notable. While in days gone past Christians or church goers were seen as inoffensive and taken for granted, today they are opposed more and more.
Possibly the rise in the church numbers causes a reaction. Nominal churches lose members but the rise in numbers occurs where Jesus really is Lord and this always has a spiritual opposition.
Of course the change in behaviour seen in the UK in the last twenty years has led to a growth in what some call 'disrespect!' In short, consideration for others, not always a strong point, has reached a very low point. There are many who do show respect and thought for those around them, but in general the attitudes of selfishness and confrontation shoved down our throat by soaps like 'Eastenders' has been a major factor in producing a more thoughtless world.
The secular liberal attitude of the media, staffed with the, ever proud of themselves, middle classes, has encouraged a derogatory attitude to Christianity. One main reason being the loose sexual attitudes in which they wish to indulge and excuse. Another type of media is less concerned with liberalism and concerned only with sales. With twenty four hour news on Radio and TV the 'newspapers' are no longer the place to gain information in today's world. Instead 'the tabloids' encourage either 'love' or 'hate' in their readers. 'B' celebrities love lives, their doings and all around them are built up as important revelations. While in fact they are the detritus of broken lives. Readers are told to love them or hate them, but consideration of them is never ever allowed. These are people, but to the 'tabloids' that means nothing. No respect, just use them and take the cash!

These attitudes destroy decent society, and one thing that encourages this is Christianity. But in doing so it steps on the popular wrongs and suffers abuse form the 'democratic' liberals. The murder of the unborn child ad sexual deviation which destroys is opposed. As indeed are many other wrongs, but folks care nothing for that. What matters is their emotional response to those who indicate the destruction loose sexual, attitudes produce. One should know that this will always bring opposition, based on selfishness, nothing else.

This will increase in days to come, let us be aware of that.

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