Monday, 25 December 2006

Christmas Day

Time to remember that Jesus loves me! Wondering why can wait a bit longer. Time to rejoice within at his choice of sinner. Time to wallow in his love and allow self to love in return. Doing it by 'law' will not work. Time to sit back and enjoy a day.
Lunch of leg of lamb with all the trimmings. A beer, or two, coffee, and feet up to watch Christmas Day TV. And if you want to waste time, Christmas Day TV is a complete waste of time!
At this moment we celebrate the coming of the Son of God into his world by watching 'The World at War' series. We could be watching one of the many awful films that fill the day elsewhere. Mostly aimed at kids, but they are much too busy breaking thousands of pounds of gifts that arrived only a few hours ago. There will be at least one Dickens story, usually the Christmas one.
Dickens, renown for his tales of Victorian woe and vileness, yet impressed on kids as a 'must see' each Christmas.

At least the traffic is slow. Few vehicles have passed by today. However quit a few have walked past, in groups and singularly, often walking the dog. Some duties change nought!
The gray, overcast sky cheers no-one on a day like this. It never snows, but that does not stop every other advert in the land featuring that awful substance. The grayness makes depressing viewing, causing the leafless trees to look stark and bare and eerie. Hardly celebration skies!

Jesus was of course born far from this area, and nowhere neat Christmas. if we done our homework correctly we could celebrate in a warmer climate. But those who took over the northern midwinter festival, while understandable, have done us no favours. Still, could be worse.

Christmas greetings to all my readers.....if any!

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