Wednesday, 18 October 2006


Why am I always sick?
I'm convinced these cold symptoms have been with me since 1987! Constantly I am assailed by a bug in the head, or throat or somewhere. An underlying tiredness comes and goes with amazing regularity. WHY? I have tried all the usual things, and one or two unusual, which I won't go into! But again I find myself down with this virus! In days of yore a cold came, caused deathly suffering, and went in three days! Now it comes one long lasting symptom after another and starts after the previous one has just gone.
Good job I'm not one to comlpain.
Madonna adopts a child from Africa. I hope she does this for the child's sake and not her own. I wonder if the better idea would be to spend some of her wealth enabling the child, and others, to be brought up in their own country? Too often the woman's emotions rule the head. When the woman is a celebrity I think questions need to be asked.
Think on this. God creates us. Because he is perfect we cannot be near him, so he gives his Son to die for us, as a substitution. Many respond to this grace, and struggling maybe, find a new satisfying life. So how come with all I know, and with all the grace I have received, how come I am so bad? I still want you God. But, know.

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