Wednesday, 28 September 2005

Melting Polar Ice Caps

Another frightening announcement today about the melting polar ice cap. But nobody seems to bother much. I wonder why? Are we just too interested in what is in front of our nose to care? Or just fed up with ecological disaster news?
Either way if true what does it mean? What is the cause?
Is it global warming or a natural phase? By that I mean the sun warms up and cools down over a period of time. Is this happening? Or have we damaged the planet so much things are going wrong?
Maybe it is a sign of the end times. An overcrowded planet, nuclear weapons, natural disasters, and of course human natures wonderful ability to have wars left right and centre!
The Christian can lift his head and say, I will give myself to God even more now. Putting the kingdom first instead of self. What a freedom that will be for him, whether it's the end or not!

Do we care if low lying areas are flooded? The US was not very interested in protecting New Orleans, let alone the Maldives! Bangladesh and other places are far away, so does it matter to the powers that be? I hope so! But I wonder.....


Elephant's Eye said...

Seven years later we still wonder. I found you via comments on a daily photo from London.

Adullamite said...

Short term politicians are the cause.