Friday, 16 September 2005

ITN News

That's the word. Almost the only word that ITN news actually know.
Every evening the Six 'o' Clock news begins with a pair of stuffed dummies standing, somewhat awkwardly, informing us of the 'Main headline tonight.' This headline, often of no news value whatsoever, nearly always features the word 'shocking.'
'Shocking news for women,' 'A shocking report,' 'The crime that is shocking the nation,' and so on.
At no time is journalism allowed to appear in such headlines, and rarely in the report that follows. Sensationalise the news, twist the facts, and ignore bits that don't grab attention.

Such journalism is indeed, 'shocking.'
Why do we, in a nation with such a high standard of literacy, need to boil the news down to a brief headline and a sensationalised report? is it because the people are too stupid to think for themsel;ves? No! This nation has some of the wisest and most aware folks in the world. Could it be that we would ignore the facts if not represented in this narrow minded manner? Again no! Give the facts and the people understand the why's and wherefores about anything, and better than most nations would.

Why then the 'shocking' headlines that are the mainstay of this dumbed down news service?

Bread and circuses, that's why!
Yes, bread and circuses. The Romans gave the people free bread to stop them going hungry, and kept them busy with the circus acts. What better way to stop the population from rioting than to watch gladiators beat one another to a pulp, or to have your fill of criminals thrown to the lions or covered in pitch and burnt to death.
Today our bread is overflowing! The nation suffers from an epidemic of 'obesity. The word itself is used instead of the actual word for this disease, 'fat,' and has all it desires foodwise. Telivision and the press provide the 'circus' part of the deal. The great mass of the public do not want to fill their heads with facts and details, they want simple entertainment to make them feel good.

Sure in this country there is a great awareness of the needs of the world. No-one is surpised at the hunger around us, the natural and man made disasters that occur, and often the United Kingdom population is the first to offer help. But for the most part we want to go home, shut the door, and ignore the world outside for a while. All to often of course, the short while becomes a very long time indeed. ITN recognise the shallowness that dwells within us and seeks to satisfy this with its narrow news service. World affairs are touched on, but close to home, and, often cringingly small minded, stories come first. Tabloid news at its best.

Sad nation we are. All the benefits and privelages of one of the richest nations in the world, yet content to be filled with vacuousness.


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