Tuesday, 13 September 2005

Fuel Crisis

So they are panic buying eh?
All over the country the pumps are running dry as overdressed, overweight people in oversized cars too big for their needs desperately fill up with petrol and diesel in case the protest brings everything to a halt.
How daft are they?
Panic buying is no new thing, it occurs every so often, but is it right this time?

There are three types of person more selfish than the rest of us. Smokers, who think their foul habit ought to dominate the lives of the rest of us. it does not seem to matter to them if we, or they for that matter, develop bronchitis or cancer, their nicotine is more important than our miserable lives. Car drivers also follow the selfish path in a manner which makes 'B' celebrities chasing a television appearance look humble. It appears to them that parking the car at the shop door, nay, at the checkout itself is their right! Life ought to enable the car driver to park at the very spot they want, irrespective of any obstruction that may be in the way. Have these peoplelost the use of their legs maybe? Does the fear of exercise make it needful to park on the pavement as the road is three feet to far a distance to walk from?
Not only does the motorist consider himself more important than the rest of humanity, he feels no guilt about polluting the air we breathe. Parking with the engine on throwing particles of diesel down our throat means nothing to the egocentric driver. If we consider this undesirable it is likely the lad will have some meaningless music derived from the BBCs radiophonic workshop, or just a fault in the player, blasting at 100 decibels and shaking the foundations of heaven itself!
Not that he will notice of course.
Of course it could be worse.
It could be a woman!
Just imagine a women driver, with cigarette in mouth attempting to park at the local 'Tesco.' She will give you a lot of thought eh?

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Gary said...

I agree with your sentiments. To many it seems normal because it all came to us gradually. But comparing our behavior today with that of 100 years ago it's a shock.

What does "Adullamite" mean? Just curious?