Wednesday 22 May 2024

Decorate an Election

It has been a long day.  
Late yesterday I found an email from the landlord telling me the man was coming to fix the floorboards.
This was a surprise, I had not requested this.  It goes back to her survey of a few months back and she has decided to fix things (which were OK in my view anyway) and sort it.  She is female. 
So I was up early, having moved things last night, to move more things early this morning for the man who came early.  He did indeed fix the squeaky floorboards well, much to the downstairs neighbours delight, paint the ceiling, find a leak in the boiler I did not know about, paint some pipes, leave a mess, which I hoovered, then returned the house to normal.  He left about 2:30 and I was worn out!
Then a bullying email from the plumber regarding leaving my phone off, she had been trying to call me, she is also female, which I attended to.  Now I expect a boiler man in the morning to check to leak, which my man fixed, and find the cause or ensure the thing works properly.
Our man is very good.  He works hard, does the job well, he says, and moves on to one of the many other properties that require his attendance.  I meanwhile require hospital treatment for the muscles that now squeak more than the floorboards once did.  Not being used to work but glad to have done so much, including hoovering places not hoovered for many a day, and already planning other jobs that I must do while I can, those these must wait until the man tomorrow early again. 

Simpering lies from Sunak.  Covid, Ukraine war, anything but BREXIT and lying incompetent Prime Ministers, Boris, Truss, and himself.  Not only is he living in a false world he has created in his head but he rather foolishly thinks we believe it also.  A long goodbye from the man electioneering on the podium.  Just go back to your money, the money you have avoided tax on, and join the other gangsters in never-never land.
So, now to find out who is standing in this area.  We know the Tory vote will still come out, though many will remain indoors.  Who will be the Labour candidate?  If he has a name he might win well, if he is just another nobody the Home Secretary may keep his place and start a campaign for the leadership of the rump.  
I note the July 4th date.  That is the week Scottish schools go on holiday.  Did they realise this?  Was this done to reduce the SNP vote?  That will not succeed.


the fly in the web said...

A pity he did not go for November 5th....

Adullamite said...

Fly, Tee Hee...