Thursday 23 May 2024

Annoying Electioneering

Not quite 24 hours in and I am sick of the election already.  Twitter is jammed with political offerings, usually repeated over and over again by many others, and for the most part saying nothing or repeating what was said yesterday or the day before.
6 weeks of this!
That's longer than a Liz Truss premiership mind.  
The Tory policy appears to be attack Labour rather than offer policy.  What is said are claims of success, that are immediately repudiated.  Labour say 'Change,' but do not inform us in which way.  The Lib-Dems must have said something but no-one noticed.  Reform, one of Farage's scams, says 'Migrants, Boats, black people,' and little else.  Only Canvey Island Man will be voting for them, and his numbers will not win seats anywhere.  
I have had the Tories knocking on my door all day.  I will give it to 6 pm then I will let them out.
I suspect leaflets to pile through the door soon, but a quick look at the four standing here is not encouraging.  The Home Secretary is our MP.  I think a great many Tories will not vote for him this year.  On the other hand others will simply because he is Conservative, the fact that he is not doing anything for us appears to be missed, and the past 14 years also has not hindered their support.
Labour are offering a London union man, an 'activist' they say proudly, but what does he know of the constituency?  Nothing!  He is however, the only real challenger.  Next comes a young Lib-Dem County councillor, the youngest in history.  A glance at him ended his hopes.  Loyalists will vote for him but this is a forlorn vote.  It would be better if he stood down.  Then the Reform Party offer a soldier with two tours of Afghanistan, a policy concerned with migrant boats and little else.  He probably has a Wehrmacht uniform in his wardrobe also.  His main job will be taking the 'wide eyed loony' vote away from the MP, I hope so anyway.  
The choice is not great, I will be voting against someone rather than for someone.  Many will be doing similar elsewhere.  How much better when voting for someone with something worth hearing?  Not much chance of that at this election.    
It is always interesting to note how the Polls indicate Scottish results.  Always indicating the SNP vote is sliding, always claiming Victory for Labour (they never dare say that about the Tories) and are always wrong.  I suppose only asking people in England their opinion possibly hinders the results.

The joy of technology again this morning.
The boiler man was coming from the company that made them.  They sent a text last night confirming this.  Today another text announced he was on his way, just before 8 am.  All good.  Then the mobile went haywire!  The fiend of Hades began to run through all the apps, all the technical items I never see, and just would not stop.  The brute went mad and though I pressed the power off button it ignored me.  Eventually it stopped.  Naturally, while this was going on the boiler man had phoned.  I switched the phone on, then off again to let it rest.  A few minutes later I put it on and awaited a call.  However, before waiting I checked, yes he had called again, and no the voicemail does not work.  
I mused, I pondered, I thought nasty thoughts, then the doorbell rang, the boiler man was here anyway.  The wee drip that had been found, not me, the one on the boiler, was soon traced as far as possible action taken, and  with just over 30 minutes he had changed a washer and stopped the leak.
Polite, efficient, helpful, and off he went to tour more town boilers and then up the coast to those rich folks boilers that also leak.
Then our landlords man returned to finish painting the hall downstairs and I done some ironing before I decided to follow the mobile and go mad also!  This was the best idea as I'm good at this.


the fly in the web said...

Doesn't technology always let you down when you need it!
The people who use Whatsapp infuriate me...unlike them I do not have a mobile 'phone attached to my person so have to trek to wherever the 'phone is when the squawking noise indicates a call. This may involve ringing the number to find the 'phone...

Adullamite said...

Fly, I love technology! Said no-one over 50! I confess to being next to the laptop daily, but canny understand those hooked on a phone.

Jenny Woolf said...

I think Labour is now saying what it is going to do - complete review of the country's security - not a bad idea since the Army has been so run down in these perilous times. Great British Energy company sounds better than the Great Big Tory Cronies Co. and increasing NHS staff, a lot of research has been going into figuring out how to do this as I personally know, and finally it will be listened to instead of being passed over to crony companies eager to dish out bungs to their helpful pals. Plus some real action to look into how and why criminal gangs continue to work with impunity. By the way have you listened to To Catch a Scorpion on BBC sounds? Its in the "Intrigue" series. An absolute eye opener. Makes you wonder all over again why this government imagined that Rwanda was going to fix the situation. Jawdropping.

Adullamite said...

Jenny, I'm glad they are making an effort, but as always there are problems. GBEnergy is actually Scottish energy being stolen by England. No votesd there for that! While they talk of money for the NHS they are all taking hundreds of thousands from private health companies! The criminal gang to catch is the Tory one. Increasing servicemen's pay would be good, but the investment has to be huge.
They also remain quiet re the Freeports that will abound, dodging tax for ten years, standing on workers rights and and giving nothing to the country. Nor can their leader tell me what a woman is!
They are still just Tories to me, and too quiet about real things.