Saturday 30 September 2023

Banned Again

Banned again!
Musk may believe in 'Free Speech' but his AI machinery does not.  
A simple phrase, indeed a correct one, earns an instant ban from the auto machine as it does not understand the nuances of life on Twitter.  Note, 'Twitter' banned me, not 'X.'  There was no mention of 'X' in the AI reply.
It was a simple picture of Princess Anne, dubbing Jacob Rees-Mogg with a sword, as she 'knighted him.
I, representing the nation suggested 'Chop his head off woman!' but find AI consider this an encouragement to violence.
Surely not?
I naturally appealed against this calumny.  
I made it clear that I was speaking on behalf of the nation and this could not be called 'incitement to violence,' when it is clearly 'incitement to justice!'  AI did not agree.  Clearly this is a machine, clearly a human operator would have agreed with me!
So, do I once again appeal, or do I obey the AI and remove the offending, they say, post?  I am in a quandary here.  I see no reason to remove a perfectly good post, nor do I see an urgent desire within to return to 'Twitter.'   
If I do I may as well remove the other offending post, that offended a gay woman, on my other name and return both into action.  The advantage being I can spend time agreeing with myself then...


the fly in the web said...

Good job I never took to Twitter...I would have a lifetime ban in no time!

Jenny Woolf said...

Make the idiots who ban posts in Twitter work for their money. If you apologise you can keep offending them.

Adullamite said...

Fly, I suspect you to be correct! :)

Jenny, I have decided to keep offending...