Monday, 9 September 2019


Rain all day, busy trying to wake up all morning, exercising in an effort to kill myself in the afternoon, and Scotland losing 3-0 and it's only half time.  It is a dreich day.
There was a moment of laughter when Boris was put in his place by the Irish Premier.  Straight talking leaving Boris crumpled and almost but not quite ashamed.  Tonight he has lost his fifth vote in a row and is intending to close parliament down for five weeks to avoid questions on his behaviour.  They say his cabinet took fright regarding the 'breaking the Law' regarding ignoring parliaments wishes.  It will not do as it could land them in trouble also, even if Bojo is the one who goes to jail.  So his friends have made him see sense regarding lawbreaking.  So many questions regarding his behaviour and even the hardest Brexiteer must see this man is unfit for his job?
When I think back to the giant politicians, Brown, Thatcher, MacMillan and look at the puny representatives here now I find myself wishing even Thatcher would come back!  Gold grabbing, money loving and hard hearted she may well have been but we all knew what she wanted, we knew where we stood, we knew her cabinet were grown up liars, we knew there were things she would not like close parliament to avoid answering questions!  She would answer questions and not give a reply!  A proper MP.  Brown had some good intentions, and failed, MacMillan did want to give people a better life, and he built 3 million houses in the early 50's, not something Tories do today.
Now John Bercow the 'people's friend' is standing down.  He will soon be blessed with a seat in the Lords while Dominic works out how to get Rees-Mogg into the Speakers Chair!  Just so an unbiased Speaker will be seen.
The rain continues, it's dark early these days, summer has gone and Christmas stuff is already in the shops.  Oh joy....
(You can tell I have had a good few days...)


the fly in the web said...

I have tyo say that I am glad to see the back of Bercow...Leave/Remain apart he seems to have done nothing about bullying of staff in the H of C which has been investigated and recorded.
When Johnson tried to echo thatcher, saying Corbyn was 'frit' it was all too clear that he was a long way from her stature, loathe that as I do.

Adullamite said...

Fly, Indeed he was a bully but he was able to stand up to Tory bullies also. Johnson did not know what 'frit' meant!

Jenny Woolf said...

I'm a big fan of Bercow. He used to have a reputation for defying convention, but it seems as if he is the main one who has stood up for it lately. He was I am afraid soemthing of a bully too which I do not normally approve of but hey, he looks like St Francis compared with Cummings - and at least he is not afraid. In fact he seemed to be having rather a good time I thought!

Adullamite said...

Jenny, I agree re Bercow. The next man will be different.