Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Space Filling Post

On Thursday morning I will head down to this glorious station in London while making my way towards my brothers funeral on Friday.  This means travelling via underground to Kings Cross, walking through to St Pancras where I will entrain for the Midlands.  What a roundabout route to get there and this could be avoided if I was rich enough to own a car and drive up in a couple of hours.
How lucky the rich can be!  Of course if the roads are busy it could take a lot longer to get there an the possibility of an accident, much, much less likely on the railways, will always pose a hazard that can take hours to bypass.  I suppose rail has its advantages.
While my niece has the job of arranging things I also have to arrange myself for this.  For this reason I spent yesterday rushing here and there for this and that and I am left flat by evening when I would much rather have spent my day lying about the house in a manner to which I have become accustomed.

Today was a mostly quiet day in the museum where I noted how the bug that left me weary last week was still hanging around, I hope it goes soon, I don't want to travel like this!  Work however was quit today, a couple of visitors a couple of shoppers and one or two queries but not much else.  In spite of this workload I managed to read the 'Friends of the Museum'  magazine which was interesting, unlike this bile.  
Now I am sitting here unwilling to answer all those emails that sit awaiting reply.  This involves thinking, writing, amending the spelling and wondering why did I say what I did?  Email is without a doubt the greatest boon to communication.  Not only is there almost instant contact but you can put in writing what takes ages on the phone and costs a lot of money.   It certainly takes longer to write some things but on the phone dealing with a woman takes even longer!  A ten minute email against a twenty minute call in which she asks at the end for written confirmation is a joy to behold.  Much better to send email and let her call to ask you to explain slowly.  
Ah wimmin, what trouble they cause.  One chap today has a cleaning job in a school in a town not far away.  He was off today to see a lawyer re the treatment he gets there.  Clearly they don't like him and it is probably his sense of humour that is responsible.  Women do not take kindly to humour men participate in daily, their poor wee feelings get upset and we are supposed to run after them, I never do.  They demand equality and then demand we do everything their way, this is not what I would call democracy.   Putting them back in my kitchen might be a good use for them mind...


Kay G. said...

Oh, I am sorry about the loss of your brother.
Be careful in your travels, if you are not quite over your illness.
You know you love "wimmin", you can't fool me! Me thinks thou protesteth too much!

Adullamite said...

Kay, It was a sad day but we go on.