Monday, 5 March 2018

Monday Meandering

The 'to do' list was looked at today, some of it was attended to, most was ignored.  However I have started to fix broken things and sort the mess here and there.  Mostly I didn't do much. 
The rain has washed away the snow and the weather is warm, well 7c or 48F which I think is OK though most still wander about in the winter wear.  What a difference it makes not having to turn on the heat!  The gas and electric men must be wringing their hands with joy at the thought of what profits they will make from the last weeks wee snow. 
Of course being Monday folks will have returned to work and find lots of last weeks work awaiting them alongside this weeks work, joy all around.  The post will be quiet for a day or two and then folks will catch up with the backlog and the postie will be busy.  Those who spent last week whining about the snow will have forgotten their trauma by now, bar on or two caught in snowdrifts driving late at night I suspect.
Normal life has returned, maybe last week was better...?

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