Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The Circus Comes to Town

As might be expected on the opening night of the circus the day has been driech.  Rain, clouds, drizzle and horridness all day but it did not appear to hinder the kids heading for the circus at 6:30 this evening as I stood there attempting to take pictures.  Using the normal lenses I attempted to grasp something of the late night atmosphere these places offer but I found things very different from when I was a lad.  For one thing the place must be powered by generators of quality as there were no heavy duty lorries, such as 'ERF's' of past times, growling away spewing fumes into the air.  No trucks containing roaring lions or frustrated horses were to be seen as the UK has long since banned animals from such events.  Also while outside I could hear the announcer announcing but it was not blaring and there appeared to be no music!  Maybe that would arise as the event opened but to me it was a different affair from my youth.

I must have been at school, possibly about 13 when I last accompanied a chap long forgotten to the circus.  Not sure if other animals were involved though I suspect they were but I do recall being very disappointed nay let down by the con that put me off such places for life.  The posters advertised a woman fighting a large crocodile in a pool and I so looked forward to this.  On the day a six foot by four aquarium, about eight foot high, was brought on via a trolley and the lass climbed in and fought a ferocious two foot long doped alligator similar to the stuffed one we had in our primary school.  My eyes were opened to advertising lies!  
We had been to the circus before, usually 'Chipperfields' in those days I reckon, when younger as these are the type of things kids must see once ion their lives but while animals were involved and people swung about on the trapeze high above all I enjoyed were the clowns.  The clever one in the pointed hat always appeared to be doing nothing to me but I enjoyed the car collapsing and the general slapstick of the operation.  Most of the other happenings happened but then I moved on. 
We also moved on quickly at the end even though I wanted to visit the cages full of lions and other animals but parents being parents fussed about catching buses and avoiding queues and getting home to bed and other adult things that no child cares about.  Circus's were therefore always visited in the dark, not during the day. 
For a brief moment I considered going in just for a different night experience then changed my mind. I would have taken photo's, I might even have applauded, In would enjoy the clowns but I would  certainly miss Chelsea playing PSG.  
So I gave it a miss.
Anyway work tomorrow so sleep is required.



carol said...

Circuses are not what they used to be.

Lee said...

Oh, how I loved circuses when I was a child. We never missed one when they came to town. During the day we'd go and watch them erect the "Big Top", and, in awe, we'd wander around the cages etc., looking at all the animals. The air was electric with excitement.

One year, back in the 50s, Wirth's Circus came to town both by road and by rail.

Bullens, Ashtons, Sole Brothers and Wirths were the circuses that visited Gympie annually when my late brother and I were kids.

The elephants arrived by train and one broke loose from its handlers. You can imagine the fun we children experienced seeing a huge elephant lumbering along the street just up the hill a bit at one end of the street we lived in. The elephant was headed in the right direction; he obviously remembered where they pitched tent etc., in previous visits.

My brother and his mates used to race their trolleys/soap-boxes along that street and down the hill - they would've gotten a hell of a fright if they'd been out racing that day!! lol

Adullamite said...

Carol, Neither amI...

Lee, Love the elephant.

Kay G. said...

You old lion you, I bet you DID go to the circus! HA!

Jenny Woolf said...

I was very disappointed when I was taken to the circus as a child and I remember the grown up who took me was very put out when I said I didn't think the clowns were funny. In fact I wasn't interested in any of it. What an unrewarding child I must have been. I can't even remember who took me, they probably never bothered again.

Adullamite said...

Kay, No way, it cost £6.

Jenny, A sure sign of intelligence there.