Thursday, 20 March 2014

They and Us!

Yesterday saw the UK budget speech by Chancellor George Osborne.  The usual patronising waffle while he offered a budget aimed at stopping wavering Tory voters from voting for the UKIP party, a party the Conservatives fear may lose them many seats.  To that end the savers and pensioners, mostly Conservative regulars they consider, have been offered money, and that will appear just a month before the next election.  However the Eton educated Toffs have made many mistakes revealing just how far they are from real life in the UK.  Eton Toff Cameron, somehow wormed his way into the Prime Ministers job, George brought in Rupert Harrison, a friend from Eton days, as an advisor and together they have taken us back to 'class war.'  
At a previous budget Harrison suggested taxing hot food taken from Bakers shops such as the renowned 'Greggs' shops.  This led to a hubbub known as the 'Pastie Wars.'  A 'pastie' as you know being a type of pie filled with meat and veg (or so they claim).  The inference drawn was this was food eaten by the masses and the Conservatives were attacking the 'working class,' so to prove their 'equality' Dave and George rushed to Greggs and were photographed 'enjoying' hot pastie bought from the shop.  All other political leaders raced to join in and the whole nation laughed at the out of touch attempting to impersonate real life.  No one was fooled.  
The tax never arrived, the idea dropped like a hot pastie and the Eton set, from all parties, rushed to an expensive restaurant to get rid of the taste of the pastie.

Yesterday George fed the voters he requires but he remembered the lower orders also.  Oh yes, the peasants got one penny of a pint of beer (hooray) and the many who attend 'Bingo' clubs to lose a few pounds while hoping to win a jackpot that will never arrive were told that the tax paid will be reduced substantially (woopee).  
Enter Grant Shapps.
Grant is the Chairman of the Conservative Party and MP for Welwyn Hatfield. He, like Dave and George, is famous for his foo-pahs, though he was not educated at Eton.  Shapps has fought hard battles in life, once being knocked out in a car crash and unconscious for a week when in Kansas, and not long after he married he developed Hodkin's Lymphoma.  Possibly all the drugs required to heal have left a hole in his head?  You see this chairman of the Toffs party made use of Twitter posting the picture at the top off the page and revealing the heart of the Tory Party.  The implication that 'hardworking people do nothing but play Bingo and drink beer was quickly seized upon by the world on Twitter.  Bingo and Beer are good enough for 'them,; or is that 'they?'  The 'plebs' already have 'pasties,' now they have beer to go with it.  The response filled Twitter and the papers printed some for us.  
These came from the 'Daily Telegraph.'  

When a political party shoots itself in the foot today the whole world wide web is available to remind them of their folly.  Now George and Dave will just laugh this off, George is more worried Boris Johnson will become an MP and his personality disorder might make him leader of the Conservative Party, a job George is desperate to obtain when Dave is dumped after the next election and this to these men will be easily ignored.  
What cannot be ignored is the 36,000 jobs that they claim have been created recently, especially as 2.5 million remain unemployed!  What the budget did not do was remove some of the 750,000 who use 'Food Banks' from the need to do so, and nothing was done re carers paid a pittance to care 24 hours a day.  Still, 'it's a wealthy country' and 'we are all in this together,' aint we....?  



Carol in Cairns said...

My whippet is just fine Aman ~ just haven't seen him lately ~ faded away to nothing.

Mo said...

As reported its all just wizardry wave the wand where you expect the votes.

Lee said...

Maybe they meant the kind of pasties worn by strippers!

I do love a good Cornish pastie. However, unless I make them myself it is impossible to find a good commercially-made one these days. The ones I've tried over the past few years have been tasteless wonders!

The two bakeries in Gympie when I was a little kid made the best ever pasties...and the best ever meat pies. Their sausages rolls were terrific, as well!

I'm starting to drool just at the memory!

Excuse me...I have to shoot off to get myself a napkin!

the fly in the web said...

I expect that the gamble was that those offended wouldn't vote Tory anyway and it would tickle the fancy of those who would.

Set the whippets on them!
And wasn't there something on the box recently about working class gangs with razor blades in the peaks of their cloth caps...

Adullamite said...

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! George Osborne did NOT go to Eton. He went to St Paul's, another toff school! He met the others at Oxford don't ya know?

Carol, You are not feeding that dog properly. Throw some workers children at him.

Mo, Indeed! Wave the wand and fool the people.

Lee, All commercial made stuff lacks real meat!

Fly, Not sure about the gangs with razors in caps, but it sounds likely. Open razors, 'chibs,' were popular once.

Jenny Woolf said...

Did you see the Orwell 1984 one? I retweeted it I think.
This is a wonderful selection of parodies you have found. well done!!

Adullamite said...

Jenny, Yes that one summed it up! A programme a long time ago re Orwells time in Wigan showed the then populace being somewhat perturbed by his vision of them. That statement may sum that up.