Thursday, 27 March 2014

Fluttering Butterfly

The Tortoiseshell Butterfly is a handsome chap, or chapess I am not sure, but he, or she, is not intended to live in my bed chamber.  He came in through the open window the other day when the air was warmer than today, I discovered him on the curtains at night.  In itself this is not a problem as he normally would leave the next day following the route he took to get here however the light at night attracted him into the shade, possibly to cool off as you know it's cooler in the shade.  He rummaged around there ion and off, occasionally flitting about the room annoying me and generally being a pest. The last two nights he has lived there, rent free, so today I removed him from his temporary dwelling and after taking his photo for recognition purposes, his fingerprints were a bit more troublesome, I edged him through the window.  At this I felt guilty.  The weather she is cooler, he himself looked tired and weary after his tanning session, and I am now concerned in case he fell to the ground weary and became an evening meal for one of the local birds.  

I have spent many hours today researching a war memorial.  This involved finding, reading and copying bits of a book re an attack by the Welsh Guards. Hours I spent looking for the right bit, then followed this with more reading for another man who fell in the Sharon Plain.  All day I spent on this and have only got to the fourth man on the list when I discover someone already has done much of the work! Quite why he has not made this clear I know not the great lump! My efforts are not in vain as I a sure I can jazz it up a wee bit for him. Nice to know however that some people are willing to expend some time in researching their village history.


Lee said...

I always knew you were a big softie at heart!

Nice to know someone helped you out and chose to be anonymous. I'm sure you'll track her down. :)

Kay G. said...

Wow. I wish a butterfly would come into my house and pose like that! You are so lucky!

Carol in Cairns said...

A Buttering Flutterby ~ aww

the fly in the web said...

Butterflies and birds come into the house and it always amazes me that my husband, with hands semi paralysed can capture them and take them outside without injuring them.

Adullamite said...

Lee, I'm always lovly.

Kay, It was not easy, It took a bit of pressure.

Carol, awww

Fly, What a good man.