Saturday, 7 September 2013

A Bit of Fun

A charity concerned with Dementia care arranged a 'fun day' in the town today. The idea being to collect money from various stalls and activities plus inform the town about a growing problem amongst us these days.  I suppose dementia has always been here but we just referred to it as old folks going 'Gag,' or possibly it is because we live longer these days and it is more of a problem. With this in mind I was in the museum on hand in case things got busy.  Pah! Not busy enough, the schools returning and holidays passed folks are returning to normal and kids are not being taken to places that cost.  There was a trickle of people, a Melbourne couple whom we had a laugh (why do Aussies use such strange words?), a local seeking ways to entertain his visitors which led to a discussion about railways and my giving him what turned out to be incorrect information, a couple from land unknown who tried to pass a forign coin off on us, Pth! One ageing somewhat confused lass turned up struggling to find the entrance to the Cafe set up by the Dementia people.  This was at the far end of the building right in front of her! I carefully carried her thence!  Why do the young ones not throw themselves at me like the old ones do I ask? There were a few others looking I happily showed one young woman around our new photographic exhibition of old Braintree pictures.  She ought to pay but I let her have a quick look as being with a bored half asleep child I thought she needed some intellectual stimulus, from the pics that is, not me!  

Lovely old cameras on show to match the ages covered by the pictures.  Simply by casually mentioning to each woman who looked round the exhibition that she was 'too young' to remember what was pictured I made one or two folks day.  This always appears to have the same response. Often I take them by the hand and welcome them and ask if they have brought their father for a look round the museum, the girls are always pleased by this their menfolk however never appear to be quite so happy, often appearing to be choking somewhat.   

In the market music was being used to entertain the shoppers. While the folks in the pub, right next to the band, were happy about this enquiries at the fruit and veg stall immediately to the right of the picture gave a somewhat less eager response.  Not quite sure what the emotions were as it is difficult to express words when the teeth are grinding together.  Sadly the attempt to picture the three dolts  people on horse costumes did not quite work out.  The nearby Tombola Stall cost me a pound and the ten year old running it was very sympathetic, grumbling she had been unable to give away any prizes so far. I've seen Lotteries run that way I almost but didn't say.

Amongst the stalls in the centre Belly Dancers were on offer.  By 'on offer I mean the girls were belly dancing, I don't mean they were on offer on a stall or anything, please don't misunderstand as I did as you get some very frosty looks. Few Sheikhs live this way as far as I know so where this idea came from I know not, but it was pleasing exercise judging by the audience response. The three appeared to be happy in their work although it was slowing down by the time muggins arrived.  The view from the rear was appreciated more than that from the front it appeared to me.  

All this under typical September wind, rain and sunshine weather.  The weather held for the most part but did force some folks into the museum and paying customers are always welcomed, even if they are concessions!  



Lee said...

I love those old cameras. I remember when we were kids our Nana had an old like the first one brother and I were fascinated by it...we'd take it out of its case and stare at it in awe. It didn't work, of course...just a piece of our past history.

There's a market going on today at the local showgrounds across the way from where I live. The market is held every month on the second Sunday...I've not gone across to it in years. There could be belly dancers going on over there, too, for all I know; or perhaps even The Chippendales. Hmmm...perhaps I will sign off for now and wander across!!

Jenny Woolf said...

I have an old camera almost exactly like the one in your last picture, but without the extra lenses. It has a brass cap which you can take off the shutter to expose the film. No kidding.

I know some women who love to do belly dancing. I can see the attraction myself actually but personally I feel that it is best reserved for the young and beautiful, though, (like the ladies in your photo I hasten to add).

Adullamite said...

Lee, I love those cameras, though I would not like to work one.

Jenny, I am sure you could manage belly dancing if required! :)

Relax Max said...

The sign says "life doesn't stop with dementia". It sure as hell will with me. Oh! I love the old cameras. I inherited one from the turn of the century. Ummmm... the other century. Anyway it is still in it's leather case an looks new. It even has a couple rolls of film that are slightly out of date. Don't know what to do with it but it sure is pretty. So are the ones in this post.