Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Underground Heritage

Jenny's excellent post regarding her outing along an old London Underground (but overground) disused line brought to mind the websites devoted to disused stations.  These stations are historical masterpieces, well sometimes, and always interesting to inspect.  Many overground lines have been turned into pathways much used for leisure purposes while some, if the remain recognisable, are derelict and much vandalised.  Two very good site on the underground are :


British Railways lost most of their stations and rural lines in the early sixties.  This means the vast rail network left behind a vast network of pathways, many now developed for leisure use, and ageing station buildings.  For some years rail enthusiasts, often called 'anoraks' round here, have photographed such places. These also are fascinating, especially for the nostalgic who once used them when steam was king!  Obviously only me then......
Check this out:

You may also be sad enough, like me, to enjoy this:



Mo said...

I'm probably sader than you, i positively love and get excited about such locations. My friends sigh in that judgemental way that means i am own.

Relax Max said...

You know how open-minded I am and how I would NEVER belittle your little demented Scots hobbies, but COME ON! This is borderline pathetic, 'Dul! "Underground Heritage"????? Please don't. There's no vitamin D down there at all and probably lots of rats. Intervention may be needed. I only say this because I care about you. Do you even carry a compass?

Remember the Mole People in that old movie? Remember what happened to them?

Come to the light.

Mametz said...

Great Post. Don't tell the BBC or we will get Julia Bradbury walking in with a rucksack on her back

Adullamite said...

Mo, I wonder if these folks do tours of such places!

Max, There are rats up here also! Vitamins can be bought, torches provide light, and Disused Stations are often above ground anyway. :)

mametz, Now that's an idea for a new series!

Jenny Woolf said...

Great links. I love them thank you. (and for the mention of my blog). I have just bought a book on walks between abandoned railway stations in London, might blog about it sometime.

I will happily join you on the Sad Club Outing to Derelict London.

I'm always torn between loving derelict places and being sorry that they will eventually be knocked down or tarted up.

Adullamite said...

The sad club will have a large following soon! :) or is that :(