Wednesday, 28 March 2012


As I trundled around the world the other day I noticed the aged door on the Norman arch at Felsted Church.  An aged door, although I know not how aged, with this large knocker on the front.  How much more reliable is such a thing on the door in comparison to the electric bell that only 'ding dongs' if the button is pushed correctly, if the batteries work, if the thing is in the mood.  A dirty big knocker like this will always get an answer as such an iron brute will be heard all around the town when the postman calls.  Not that the postman would be delivering to the church tower I suppose but you never know.  You do know he will ensure you hear him knock however.  Well you would if it was me!

For those interested, and you are interested,  this is the door upon which is found the knocker.  I love these aged doors.  The iron nails and spars along with the aged wood do have a certain charm and attraction.  Compare these to modern hollow doors that are found in most houses, the glass horrors in modern buildings, which are difficult to see at times, and the general quality in comparison to modern rubbish!  Good job I'm not one to complain eh?



Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I wonder if that might be the inspiration for certain piercings? With all of the technological improvements, would they be thinking of installing doorbell buttons next?

Adullamite said...

You never know around here!

Jenny Woolf said...

I not only agree with everything you say about this but also add that sometimes these huge heavy old doors have vast keys like something out of a fantasy game.really unbelievable in size and weight.
I suppose thet wete intended to be very secure
originally. Last night at dusk I was in an old church delivering some books for the in-church book sale when the churchwarden came with his vast key to lock up. He said "I always give a shout just in case there's anyone left inside".

Adullamite said...

Ah yes old locks Jenny! There are some fab old locks, but unless you meet someone you don't see the keys. Great shout.

A. said...

And those doors will outlast all of us.