Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Lord Snooty


How long before Cameron falls apart? Once again he is offering a 'U' Turn on shorter sentences, forcing his struggling 'Justice Minister' to sack other lower orders to save a few million pounds, this after the dotty bald guy at the DWP forced to do a 'U' Turn on pensions because this upset a few ageing women!  The fact that men suffer sexism regarding pensions makes no odds here, women work for less time (and do less at work) get all the benefits in law, and now whine because a few might lose a little while most men lose much! This PC PM spends to much time on PR instead of leading the country. Is this the fiftieth 'U' Turn of his year or have we long past that mark?  

Our friend BIG RAB has a wonderful post regarding Cameron's abuse of the RAF and his costly needless war for Libya's oil.. His abuse of the RAF follows on from his abuse of the Navy only the other day. Having sold all the ships and their aircraft he wants the Navy to work beyond their capabilities and shut up about it. He even brought the First Lord in to shout him down, probably with a 'Fag' to stand nearby in case the Admiral got rough. Clegg needs to show his support somehow. Sir Simon Bryant, Air Chief Marshall of the RAF, is now informing the poor rich boy that they don't have the pilots to cover two wars! Not enough pilots, not enough planes, not enough spare parts or mechanics and 5000 to lose their jobs!  "We are all in this together says the man in a thousand pound suit!"  He needs to change that to "You are all in a dole queue, but I'm all right Jack!"  The RAF are claiming we cannot go on much longer. Gaddafi must be removed in three months as we fall apart then.  I await this brave man's redundancy notice coming through the post.  

How much longer will we have to put up with this boy in charge?  He has so many failings and there is no opposition to him anywhere. What an Attlee or indeed any other Labour leader could do to him! Instead sitting opposite is ....whatsisname?  Both front benches are full of middle class liberals who have never worked in their lives. The 'Punk' generation have arrived and that generation had nothing to say at the time and shows it today. 'Me first,' 'my needs are what counts,'  is the attitude.  We had leaders who had fought through war, Callaghan and Heath, this was followed by 'Baby Boomers' few of whom reached power in the UK it must be said. "Make love not war," was the chant as that generation attempted a better society, much of which was lost to VD and drug addiction. Clinton in the US got to the top and tried to be another JFK but this time the media would not keep quiet. Now we have those brought up with a 'silver spoon' in their gobs with no concern for anyone but their advancement telling real people how to live. At least the mad baroness had run a shop at one time, overcharging her customers and blaming everyone but herself for the faults I suspect, and those were attitudes the bitch never lost. 

A shocking mob we have of public school louts looking down at us these days. Bring back Attlee I say! Public school educated maybe but non pretentious, considerate for others, with a 'can do' attitude, and don't let the powerful run over the rest, that's what we need today. Although someone running a government Jag, or perhaps a Centurion Tank over 'Dave' would be of benefit to us all.

It started yesterday, Wimbledon I mean. "Will Andy win?" "Will it rain?" "Do I care?" Well NO! is the answer to that!  Wimbledon means two weeks of total coverage of this middle class game, fawning over Andy until he gets knocked out, then girning about the 'miserable Scot.' He will be 'British' until he loses when, as you will understand, he becomes a 'Scot' once again. English racism, ingrained in the media, knows no end. Can he actually win Wimbledon? I suspect this is the one major he does have a chance of winning,but with Nadal and Ferarer or whatever his name is I doubt he will. These two, and the unpronounceable other fellow are a step higher than 'Our Andy.'  He may get to a semi final, possibly the final, but I cannot see him win. 

It might make better television if this slab of grass down Church Road was to be sold off and turned into 'social housing.' 'Social Housing' in Wimbledon? More chance of Maggie Thatcher having pictures of Che Guevara on the wall!  For two weeks every year we are subject to this monotony. Incessant babble, rain covered tennis courts, replays of past tennis, banal talk from ex players, and Sue Barker who at least we can look at.  Tennis is dominated by women of course, they tend top prefer games which are one v one rather than team games and turn out in their thousands for this. In the early eighties we delivered around Wimbledon, as early as possible due to the crowds and the alteration to the roads, and up Church Road were several thousand fans, mostly young females, who had been there all night awaiting the doors opening. We had one question, what did they do for the loo?  There was no obvious answer to that!  There was a suggestion that to save money the Formula 1 and Wimbledon may be dumped! Wooppeee! I say. Now if we can just get the BBC to spend the cash on football and take it from ITV we are on a winner!  



Mike Smith said...

Andy Murray is a Hibby. So he'll get to the semi-final - and lose...

soubriquet said...

I was pretty much in agreement until...

Oh no. I want the BBC to ditch football entirely too. What a waste of space that game is. Like all the rest.
And feckin' golf, yawwwwwwn...
And how, just how can people watch snooker? or darts?


FishHawk said...

Your Cameron sounds like he has taken a page out of the old Democratic (US) playbook. For they were infamous for stripping the military of all they could get away with while expecting them to fight everywhere all of the time. Whereas, the old Republican (US) playbook called for the mightiest military that could be conceived of, which never went to anyone's aid unless there was a great profit to be made (in one way or another).

As it stands now over here, one would be hard-pressed to tell one side from the other in this regard. Ah, but the Tea Party is coming to the rescue, and if they take power, we will have all of our troops back home and deployed on the Mexican border to keep us safe from ravaging hordes of desperate peasants, who dream of getting innocent white girls pregnant so that they can draw welfare.

Adullamite said...

Mike, He has the Hibby look.

Soub, have you been drinking?

Fish, Cameron styles himself on Tony Blair, and he thought he was a president!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. You know you've hit the nail on the head with Cameron. I think he's pretty much got away with it so far because he actually looks and sounds quite confident and assertive and the opposition is so piss poor.

As for Andy, it's a cliché but he really IS unlucky that there are so many outstanding players around just now.

Hey ho! it's only tennis so who gives?

Adullamite said...

Rab, I await dissension in the Tory ranks. That may break him, Libya might of course.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure Dully. I mean Blair pretty much got away with Iraq. It seems that austerity, cuts, we're all in this together and any financial prudence at all is suspended when there are bombs to drop for no particular reason.

I certainly can't remember a PM who has had to climb down on so many major manifesto commitments in his first year.