Saturday, 15 January 2011

Saturday Recommendation!


I have just discovered a grand blog called the 'Braw Doocot!'  I recommend this to any Scot with artistic leanings. The authors taste covers architecture, grand houses, Railway posters, one of the best stolen and posted above, sculpture and I suspect a great deal more besides. I enjoyed my little trawl through this and think you will also. James Playfair's 'Egyptian Room' is a fantasy indeed!  'Doocot' by the way refers to the place pigeons were kept in days of yore to supplement the winter food supply. 'Doo's' being the Scots term for pigeons, as in 'Rock Dove's' I suspect. I notice also that there has been no post since April, maybe he will return soon, he is probably just blocked in by snow or the tram works!



FishHawk said...

What? You doing something nice for someone? Is the end near?

Mike Smith said...


soubriquet said...

What a winner!
The most impressive, iconic bridge in all of the world, with one of the most imressive and iconic steam-trains in all of the world.
Ever since I was a little kid, and seeing that bridge for the first time, I've wanted to walk across it, and to climb to the very top of one of its towering spans.
And to sail beneath it...

The only thing missing in this picture is a desperate Richard Hannay escaping gun-toting bad guys whilst handcuffed to a blonde beauty. Or am I confusing my film imagery?

But seriously, the British Rail posters made some of the most evocative images of britain ever. And if you go to the national railway museum in York, you can buy copies of most of them.
Oh lordy. what a pic, what a thought. If only.. I could go out now and buy a ticket to Fort William, then onward by steam to Mallaig... Instead of going to work tomorrow, I could be sailing out of Mallaig, up the coast via little villages..... Damn.

Snap out of it man!....
sorry? was I dreaming?

Adullamite said...

Fish, I'm nice to everyone, nearly!

Mike, Indeed,

Soub, Steam to Mallaig, indeed I've done that at least twice!