Wednesday, 16 June 2010


I got a shock today! Putting aside the World Cup I wondered outside and discovered the sun was shining! Look! Blue sky with little puffy clouds in the distance! The only sun I have seen for the past week is casting shadows over the pitches during the games! They say the sun in South Africa is hot, I discovered today that it is quite warm here also! I might go outside again in a few days time if it keeps like this! Germany still the only side to show form so far, I wonder if they can keep it up when faced with stronger opposition?



Mike said...

Graham, I have been watching a few matches herewith no English commentary. All I can hear are those bl**dy Zulu horns.

Mind you at least I know what it must have been like at Roukes Drift!

BTW Thought the Spanish looked good going forward, they might come good in the end.

A. said...

Make the most of that sky! I will be back in England in two weeks' time. Things will undoubtedly change. I can't remember the last time I saw the sun.

Adullamite said...

Mike, who knows who will win this?

A, you will be glad to know the sky is gray today!