Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Should it be bulldozed?


A. said...

There used to be a signpost up on the main road through or passing Cumbernauld that said "If you lived in Cumbernauld you'd be home now". Unfortunately the surroundings looked pretty much like your picture.

Mike Smith said...

Oi! Cumbernauld is a wonderful town.

Adullamite said...

A, your photographers eye reveals the truth!

Mike, did you originate there? I did not realise this........:)

Mike Smith said...

I was born in Aberdeen but my early years were spent in...what's called??

Relax Max said...

Your blogging questions are sometimes so difficult to answer for American readers.

If a chemically-contaminated death trap, then yes, bulldoze it. If a town, hell no. Towns don't exist to be pretty for photographers.

Whatever the building thing is in your picture, it obviously has an uncanny attraction that makes automobiles drive 'way over on the wrong side of the road.

For someone who lives in a dank cave you sure are picky and judgmental. Some might say.

soubriquet said...