Sunday, 23 December 2007

Heart of Midlothian 2 Inverness Caley Thistle 3

I've not calmed down yet!
How this club can allow the situation to continue is beyond me. Owned by a self made man who cannot trust anyone to do their job. Run by lackeys who's jobs depend on him. Coached by a man who has put his mortgage before the club! Players know those chosen for the side are not there on merit, but on the whim of a distant owner, so motivation dies.
Fans are reaching the end of their patience, and now this!

Inverness Caley are a team with a new manager and a new heart. A competent hard working side who play to their strengths. It is hard to believe even their best players earn anything like the cash available at Tynecastle. Yet they work harder, have more will to win, and beat us! Certainly we came back from two down and equalised, but we should never be in that position! While Frail chats to the press, more for his publicity than the clubs needs, we implode once more and are now ninth! Yes Ninth in the league! A league we should be challenging to win, and here we are in danger of relegation!

Angry? Yes! Frustrated that there is nothing I can do for my club!

Now this is strange, because when all is said and done it is only a game! But football clubs get into your life. It is easier to change your wife than a football club, although they both treat you the same! With contempt! I was so angry at them all yesterday, Frail especially. It is all right standing there holding your knees pal, get of them and tell Vlad to bring in a proper manager and run the team the way it ought to be done! if you lose your job so what? We are losing a club, and you will soon find another job, you have been fronting the press with that in mind for a while now!

Ridiculous. it is only a football team. Why does it mean so much? I mean I am four hundred miles away, I only ever see them through the PC, and that usually in highlight form. Yet I allow this to be more important than anything else. When they win I am happy but it does not rule my life. When they lose it is a pain, when the club is being destroyed by someone who does not understand what it means it is frustrating and makes me mad, and I need no help there thank you very much! Jesus never suffered this problem, although in his day the fans of chariot racing divided into the 'Blues' and the 'Greens,' would you believe, and support their star drivers. Rioting only when necessary of course. The attitude was there if not the football. How strange we are, getting upset over a game.........

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