Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Halloween is one of those anomalies that the secular liberal west not only allows to exist but perpetuates simply for commercial gain. Originating in pagan belief in the days of long ago, amended by the Roman Catholic Pope Gregory moved 'All Saints Day' to November 1st to cover the superstitious rites with a church veneer, and continued as a kids event in some places until recently. I say until recently because in the last 15 -20 years the commercialisation of this event has exploded.

Growing up in Edinburgh in the 50's we saw Halloween as a time for 'Guising.' Dressing up and enjoying party games such as attempting to eat a treacle tart hanging from the ceiling, with your hands tied behind your back. Follow this with the other regular game, 'dooking' for apples from a basin of water. 'Guisers' would go from door to door performing acts at each one and getting a reward, I never got much and sad to say the act has remained unchanged since I had it translated from the original Greek! Time has past and what was once a bit of fun has become an industry! Shops abound with all sorts of costumes and paraphernalia. Pumpkins are seen everywhere reflecting the wealth now found in this country, in our day we used turnips, not good enough for the middle classes I fear! And pumpkins reflect the greater influence - America! The Halloween seen today is not the last vestige of a pagan past, now it is a reflection of US society. 'Trick or Treat' replaces 'guising' even in Scotland! Cards are sent to friends as daft as yourself, parties of kids in overpriced outfits abound, and the idea of 'witches' is given credence once more. While it reflects our wealth and the American influence it also reflects our stupidity.

In the early 60's Halloween was just fun, now it has an eerie edge to it. The acceptance of demonic influence is widespread, demonic like masks, pitchforks and the like are seen everywhere. Bats are supposed to be seen everywhere, and let's face it, we all know a few 'old bats', graves are opened and skeletons wander about, witches on broomsticks fly at midnight and ghosts and ghouls are seen everywhere - especially as the pubs close. What does this do? It encourages the world to see such a creature as the Devil as a joke, unreal and non existent. Christians can tell you otherwise. An unchurched nation has no problem with this, and to be honest most folk will not be influenced to a great measure by demonic interference, at least,no more than normal. But it does encourage folk to disbelieve in a Satanic being. He will be happy with that, and is most likely behind it all anyway. better to encourage folk to believe in a demon that does not exist than confront the one who does.

Should we get involved with such events? I don't think so. But no reason for Christian churches to have their own parties, with similar games, minus the witches, and an explanation of their beliefs aimed at those attending. parties are very biblical, feasts and rejoicing, happiness and fun are found in the bible. Rejoicing before YHWH is demanded in places! So have fun with him! And it doesn't have to cost a fortune on goods found in the recycling tomorrow!

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1st Lady said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I had a fabulous time reading yours. I agree with everything you said about halloween. There were 1, perhaps 2 years that we 'celebrated halloween' (in the Scottish Highlands) and then we went to church parties instead. Writing from Virginia, USA, I can tell you that I'll be glad when this evening is over. Western General eh? Me too. Fine folk born there indeedy.