Saturday, 4 March 2006

Saturday night

All over the nation people are out there! Yes, out there! Not sitting at home wondering where the energy has gone, wondering why a social life is a thing of the past. Now many people in my position are wondering this. For me it started the day I became a postman. From that day, and very early in that day, my social life died. From the moment I get home my existence comprises eating, sleeping and trotting round Sainsburys or Tescos looking for cheap stuff to eat and drink! By the time I have eaten whatever I found it's time for bed!
Life? Not any more.
The desire to go anywhere has long gone. Now when younger I just could not stand being indoors at night. Every evening was for some form of socialising, I mean life was out there. It still is, but now I just don't care any more.
To tell the truth, I am happy enough. If I have the energy I have the desire to read the many books I am working through. I have the p.c. my door to the world. I have the radio and the CDs which fill the background. I must say, I could do with much more in the energy stakes. This would help greatly, but this lifestyle of early rising and working physically is too wearing for me.
The weekends are the worst. If I do have time and will to do something it leaves me hating the idea of returning to work. From joy to despair in one early rising! Wooppeedoo!
Do you feel the same? I can tell you do! You fell asleep long ago reading this. And I think I might have done also zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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