Wednesday, 4 January 2017


The attempt to move around a lot more has been hindered somewhat by the chill in the air.  While the sun shines it looks lovely all around but the chill factor leaves an Arctic feel to the world and I am against this.
Yesterday the museum returned to normal, the cheerful staff rushed around tidying desks so they could fill them with stuff, a handful of people wandered in, one or two cups of tea were drunk and Peggy continued to grumble about the music, somethings never change!
It was good to be back but things will only slowly pick up for some of us.  The full time staff of course have lots to get on with and I find keeping out the way the best way in which I can help there.  It appears that is also their view although I am not too sure about this.
'Esmeralda,' the boiler, continues to play silly games.  When I desperately needed a bath yesterday morning, it is a long time since Christmas, she refused to ignite!  When I was considering making a move to leave she woke up!  Today she took hours to reach a temperature that satisfied her and made me shiver until lunchtime by when I no longer cared, hypothermia had set in.  Now I am too warm and had to go out to cool down!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

The second picture was taken 20 minutes after the first!  I love the setting sun but I do wish I could find something more interesting to snap.  
The fact that I have at least seven books open at the moment in one place or another does not stop me from dreaming of buying more, or as I did today, hear something on the radio that made me open another one!  Someone talking about Tacitus made me reach for his 'Histories' which I read yonks ago and have forgotten.  Tsk!  There it is lying open over there while this WW1 book is open here and others next door.  Now I have been told 'Foyles' have opened a bookshop in the big city (it claims to be a big city anyway) so I really think I must make my way over there soon, just in case...


Suza said...

very beautiful.

the fly in the web said...

Nothing like buying books, is there!

I have a box of unread ones in the spare bedroom...currently unavailable to anyone except a Turkish wrestler as it has been overwhelmed by all the other stuff cleared to make a space for the two lambs - Gert and Daisy - who need to come in at night and be in a place where they do not tempt the puppies to play with them...
Bring on the Turkish wrestler...I want my books!

Lee said...

I love those two photos, Mr. Ad-Man.

My attempts to move around are hindered by the heat, and the watching of the tennis.

Mo said...

I love the two very different trap photos. Perhaps you could photograph the tree everyday and show us the ever changing light. My reading pile has taken over the entire house. At least three in bed, it depends on how I feel which narrative I want to go to sleep with. The pile on the stairs, (a useful place to keep books that don't fit in the bookcase. I've left just enough space on the table for a plate. And yesterday I had to pop out and buy two more books as I needed something else to read. Obsessive? Who me?

Adullamite said...

Suza, Thanks.

Fly, Sounds great! I hope the lambs can read...

Lee, bah!! We need the heat mind today.

Mo, Yes I might use that tree again as the light changes. The house sounds wonderful and I see nothing obsessive there.