Saturday 18 September 2010

This Poster


This poster appears to be the most popular item searched for on my blog! Here am I attempting to change the world and the millions of readers (all right I here you!) just want to look at this poster and keep it for themselves. This speaks volumes for my readers! I need not delay you with the post that accompanied it of course, I am not the one to repeat myself am I, especially as most of you ignored it then anyway! However while perusing the referrals I found one or two surprises. Clearly several folk are studying Victorian politics as the 'Adullamites,' a group of young MPs in the nineteenth century, attract much interest and some find their way to my blog through a Google search for them. There length of stay at my blog never beats one second! .  There are a few Germans, of all people, who search for Sir John de Stricheley, one of those imperialist English knights who attempted to steal Stirling Castle and the country in which it was built. He is still there defending it of course, they found his bones under one of the old chapels when renovating the place a few years ago. Obviously I am to conclude that my posts are of no interest to the world. I may have to divert into a wider range of subjects. 

I must also point out that the Heart of Midlothian travelled up to Inverness and defeated the local side there by three goals to one. For TV reasons this game kicked off at midday, and I remembered this at about twenty minutes past! Still it could be worse. I once turned on the Edinburgh derby just in time for the final whistle! Boo! However the result today means the Hearts are back in third place in the league, the least position we ought to occupy. Maybe, possibly, hopefully we can improve on this, and there is much to improve in this side, and possibly we can be assured of a European place next season. maybe...

Thadguy, who's site is worth a browse, indicates a problem for me. In days past colds would last three days, and the side effects a week or two. This however is no longer the case. My cold has been running around my frail, delicate body for at least two months now. I get light headed for a day, the stomach is bloated for a day, the throat hurts for two or three days (most days at the moment) and then the cough that lingers almost for ever. Various symptoms come and go and just never end. In truth this has bugged me for years now,in fact this appears to have begun around 1987, before most of you were born!. A cold that once came and went just lingers on and on. Why? Nothing seems to help. When I was a postman it began to really interfere with me, leaving me more tired than I ought to be. Being unemployed ought to have ended this but the weariness in my head, and body, continues. It worries me regarding work. I do two days at the moment and the three days after this leave me suffering the symptoms greater than before. How can I keep a job when the various symptoms make me exhausted, and indeed extremely irritable?  (At this point I would like to apologise to the woman in the supermarket who I decapitated, and the man at the market who annoyed me by saying "Hello.' I hope his widow gets the pension OK.) Here I am again, tired, throat aching, my mind wandering all over the place as concentration is difficult, and nothing on TV to distract me and suffuse my mind with purpose and joy. It's a good job I am not one to complain you know!



Mike Smith said...

When do I get my fee for posing for that image...?

Unknown said...

Did I just get insulted? I am a reader here. Well, at least I look at the pictures from time to time, but that still counts--right?

Anonymous said...

I liked Gordon Waddell's comment in today's Sunday Mail "You couldn't have scraped the frost off Jim Jeffries' "welcome" to Rudi Skacel with a pickaxe."

Adullamite said...

Mike, that was posed in 1957. How old are you....?

Fishy, Would I insult you?

Rab, You read Waddell? here's me thinking you were an intellectual.

Relax Max said...

There's no denying it. That's a poster all right.