Monday, 18 September 2006

Female Historians

What is it about these females who think they are historians?
Why is it they always write about women, and always, 'feisty' or 'independent' or 'heroic' women? Are they studying history or themselves?
Not for one moment can it be said these women need their stories told to enlighten us about the past. Nothing in the many volumes produced in recent years changes our understanding of history. No, all we have is a desperate attempt by middle class lassies, who have never had a real job, to live out the prejudices built up during their formative years. The benefit to those girls working on Sainsburys checkout, delivering the post or driving lorries is hard to define.
The fulfilment in writing a book that satisfies one girls desire to right a wrong that never existed, except in her own mind, is a vacuous one.
Come on girls, write about a historical subject that is not an extension of your angst, but a subject that will enlighten us all, even if it will not sell to like minded middle class wasters!



Arianne said...

So true- write on, right on...

In fact the litany of pseudo history they have created has created numerous faults in accurate facts and genuine academic pursuit.

Sean Amato said...

It couldn't possibly be that women have been marginalized throughout history and it's just about time that their role is elaborated upon and actually detailed for once. Obviously, it's just a couple of silly girls trying to live vicariously through their history when what they SHOULD be doing is shutting up and joining the academic crowd - NOT bringing their own gender into the historical light that it deserves.

Lady historians - HAH!