Tuesday, 18 October 2005


How wonderful are communications today?
We take them for granted that we can see football matches and parliament at work, that news worldwide reaches us within minutes of the happening, and that our leisure time is filled with gutrenchingly bad reality program's. But we can't have everything we want can we?
How things have changed since the two channel black and white sets that dominated until the mid seventies!
Thirty years ago the telephone was a big black thing. Well, actually red ones were becoming available, and we had the 60's 'trimfone' that soon fell out of favour. Often because the starlings soon picked up the sound and irritated folks by imitating the ringtone!
But now everyone has a mobile! This is a good thing in that I use mine for emergencies, others use theirs for work, and kids can send each other pics of things mum and dad must never see! Well, I think in spite of that, they are still a good idea.
Even fifteen years ago the idea of a computer in every other house was laughed at. Now people carry them around and work on trains, at cafe's, at football matches and up mountains!

Some say these things are a blight. Maybe so, but they are more of a blessing to us all. Certainly they can be abused, but no more than anything else, and we need not abuse them need we? I am grateful for them all, especially 'Freeview' TV that enables me to see documetaries instead of 'pap!' And brings me up to date with news and football latest.
What more could you want?

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