Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Braintree & Bocking War Memorial Website

Well I have been busy.  At last I have managed to get a site put up for the dead soldiers I have been pursuing all this time.  It is not going to win any awards, but that matter not, it will however offer a few bits of basic info to the searching masses and possibly lead to better info regarding the Great War centenary in 2014.  Naturally all did not go well.  I wrote the info on 'Word,' and transferred it to the free 'Google site.'  I was then struck with an unexpected problem, the format went haywire!  Several days of struggle eventually saw me find an answer.  Changing the font to one that matched was quite obvious, so I did not think of it, and after trying the 'Word' settings, Normal, web, print, I put it all onto 'Open Office,' and then used their print setting.  This gave some sort of satisfaction and I have left it at that.  Of course having chosen a theme that contains red I found that many of the words turned red for no good reason.  I also had to go over all those red bits to amend the bold bits which had become, er 'unbold.'  Much still to do, check the links, ensure I have not breached copyright (too often) insert contact address, and so on.  But the brute is up and running.



  1. A worthy site, sir. Good on you.

  2. You rock, Adullamite! Excellent site.


  3. A worthy undertaking indeed. There is a LOT of information there. I will never call you lazy again. I mean, if I ever did.

  4. google drive me crazy with all their restrictions. Sometimes feels they deliberately set out to make life difficult if you try and mix technologies.

  5. Mike, Ta much.

    RDG, I do rock, usually back and forward until I fall over.

    Max, Call me lazy, I will not disagree

    Mo, They are a pest, but little beats them at the moment, and this is FREE!


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